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Primary Objectives

Things go horribly bad and you’ll find yourself on top of a roof. Think fast. Do you want to save Malik, or not?

Saving Malik's Life

Saving Malik’s life, besides being just a really great guy, also nets you the “Good Soul” trophy/achievement, so it’s worth your while doing this. Save your game immediately when you gain control of Jensen. We’ll go over this in steps. You’ll need a Sniper Rifle, a short range weapon (Revolver, Machine Pistol, or 10mm Pistol), a (Gas) Grenade or two, and an EMP Grenade.

Note: This strategy requires you to kill enemies. If you’re looking to get the Pacifist trophy/achievement, load your savegame after getting “Good Soul” and quickly exit the area. You can also run around with cloak and deal with the enemies by using Gas Grenades and takedowns, but it will require several energy bars to replenish your cells. Running around with cloak is a good idea either way, if you’re aiming to get “Ghost” in this area, also a goal of one of the harder trophy/achievements.

First, pull out your sniper rifle and shoot the explosive barrel in the building on the far end, it’s on the second level. This kills an enemy behind it.

Second, jump off the roof you’re on, run towards the right and spot the red container with a ramp leading up. Hop onto it and climb this building. Kill the enemy straight ahead.

From this point, grab a (gas/regular) grenade to take out the Ogre down below. Do the same for several other guards slightly to the right.

A Box Guard will be dropped into the zone, so immediately grab your EMP Grenade and hurl it at the bot to quickly dispatch it before it can open fire. Alternatively you can also use your Typhoon augmentation (twice) on it to destroy it.

The remaining enemies must also be taken care of quickly. Grab a short range weapon and quickly dispatch those remaining on the ground level. Heal yourself with Hypostims or Painkillers if necessary. One of the last enemies you’ll need to take out is the sniper on the top of the building you climbed. When all enemies are dead, Malik will be saved.

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As for items, you can find [2x CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BARS] in the northwest building, [35x HEAVY RIFLE AMMO] on some crates nearby the southwest building, on ground level, and an [EMP GRENADE] and [FRAG GRENADE] in the small area behind the pipe, which is beyond the electrified pool of water [PATHFINDER 300XP]. Lastly, the two sniper’s positions hold [10x SNIPER RIFLE AMMO].

When you’re ready, ride the elevator up and enter Hengsha again.

Here you’ll experience a nasty glitch, so head over to the LIMB clinic to get a new biochip. Make sure to avoid Belltower guards as they tend to get hostile pretty quickly. If a random NPC near the Hung Hua Hotel tells you he’ll report you, intimidate him and be on your way.

At the LIMB clinic, buy the two Praxis Kits (otherwise you’ll need to sell some weapons, which you could potentially get from Belltower guards…).

WARNING: Do NOT get the Biochip installed at the LIMB Clinic. You will find out why soon enough.

You can at this point talk to Doctor Wing at the LIMB Clinic to start the “Talion A.D.” sidequest. Entering the Youzhao district will cause Hugh Darrow to contact you with another sidequest: “A Matter of Discretion”.

There is also a new dealer in town; Peng Xin Hao. He can be found in the Youzhao District, in the most southeast part of this district.

This guide will continue with the main storyline, and the sidequests will be updated later.

Harvester Territory

The Harvester territory is located in the Youzhao District. Just before you are denied entry, head down the manhole to enter the sewers. Head right and go down the ladder at the end of the area, then quickly hide behind a wall on the opposite side of the sewer, since there are guards here.

Hop in the water and make your way to the far end, sometimes using cloak as an aid, and exit via the door. Taking out the harvesters is something up to you to decide.

Head through the door and sneak behind the harvester on the left; the other is asleep, so taking him out is no problem. After downing them both, head to your right (so not straight ahead, simply just immediately right). From behind the black boxes, tranquilize the harvester on the very far end (he has dark clothing); the other one’s asleep anyway.

Move behind the black boxes on the right of the area and look at the far back of the area to see a Harvester behind a windowsill. Snipe him when the Heavy isn’t looking, then lastly take out the Heavy himself, along with the sleeping Harvester. Enter the room in the corner and search it to find a [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Understanding Vision (Part2)), although it’s also guarded by a Harvester.

The Laser Rifle here makes the final boss a ten second job. If you have the inventory space, take it.

Head over to the small room the quest marker leads you to in order to find the GPL device.. along with a familiar face. After the cutscene, decide if you want to grab the [LASER RIFLE], this is one of two opportunities to grab one and it does make the final bos a walk in the park, then exit the area to the sewers by the nearby door. Go through the vent and climb the ladder to access Hengsha Seaport.

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