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Unsanctioned Psyker Combat


This character is an unsanctioned psyker, dangerous and uncontrolled.

All psychic powers used by this character have 5% chance to trigger lerils of the warp and are resolved as if the psyker’s psy rating was +1 level higher.

Weapon Prerequisites

"Blooddrinker Staff" iconBlooddrinker Staff Melee (One-Handed)
"Charged Staff" iconCharged Staff Melee (Two-Handed)
"Diviner's Staff" iconDiviner's Staff Melee (Two-Handed)
"Imperial Staff" iconImperial Staff Melee (Two-Handed)
"Psychic Staff" iconPsychic Staff Melee (Two-Handed)
"Pyromancer's Staff" iconPyromancer's Staff Melee (Two-Handed)
"Sanctified Staff" iconSanctified Staff Melee (Two-Handed)
"Singing Spear" iconSinging Spear Melee (Two-Handed)
"Staff of Blood" iconStaff of Blood Melee (Two-Handed)
"Staff of Endless Flame" iconStaff of Endless Flame Melee (Two-Handed)
"Telekineticist's Staff" iconTelekineticist's Staff Melee (Two-Handed)
"Telepath's Staff" iconTelepath's Staff Melee (Two-Handed)
"Wraithbone Staff" iconWraithbone Staff Melee (Two-Handed)

Accessories Prerequisites


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