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Aeldari Weapon Proficiency Combat


Allows the character to use Aeldari weapons, such as Aeldari long rifle, shuriken catapult, and others.

Requires: Character Level 22

Weapon Prerequisites

"Aeldari Chainsword" iconAeldari Chainsword Melee (One-Handed)
"Fractal Blade" iconFractal Blade Melee (One-Handed)
"Fusion Gun" iconFusion Gun Melta
"Ghost Sword" iconGhost Sword Melee (One-Handed)
"Guardian Long Rifle" iconGuardian Long Rifle Sniper Rifles
"Neuro Disruptor" iconNeuro Disruptor Pistols
"Scorpion Chainsword" iconScorpion Chainsword Melee (One-Handed)
"Shuriken Cannon" iconShuriken Cannon Assault Rifles
"Shuriken Catapult" iconShuriken Catapult Assault Rifles
"Shuriken Pistol" iconShuriken Pistol Pistols
"Witch Staff" iconWitch Staff Melee (Two-Handed)
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