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Ministorum Priest Origins


The Ecclesiarchy, known Formally as the Adeptus Ministorum, is a vast institution that oversees the galaxy-spanning religion of the Imperium. The Ecclesiarchy’s complex hierarchies of cardinals, missionaries, preachers, and zealous laity ensure the prescribed prayers and invocations are made, all the while instructing the masses to guard against heresy and deviancy. You used to be one of those Fiery and charismatic individuals concerned with keeping a close watch on your congregation.

Origin Talents

Flensing Faith Ministorum Priest
Litany of Hatred Ministorum Priest
"Litany of Purification" iconLitany of Purification Ministorum Priest
Shield of Faith Ministorum Priest
"The Emperor Protects" iconThe Emperor Protects Ministorum Priest

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