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Willfred the Werewolf Chief V Blood Carriers (Dunley Farmlands)

In-game Description

None of the werewolves asked for this curse, but what makes Wilfred dangerous is that he embraces it. He is the chief of the werewolf village not just for his ferocity, but the way he embodies the carnivorous terror of his twisted little village.


"Willfred the Werewolf Chief" iconWillfred the Werewolf Chief is a Level 64 V Blood Carrier who resides in "Gloomgrave Village" iconGloomgrave Village, located in the northeastern region of Dunley Farmlands. He can only be encountered at night, as he transforms into a human during the day, becoming Willfred the Village Elder with worker blood, and loses his V Blood Carrier status. This transformation, which fully restores his health, necessitates that he be defeated in a single night to claim victory.

Upon defeating Willfred, players can unlock a Tier 2 Spell Point, gaining access to spells such as "Blood Fountain" iconBlood Fountain, Veil of Blood, and "Sanguine Coil" iconSanguine Coil. Additionally, he rewards players with recipes for the "Silver Resistance Potion" iconSilver Resistance Potion and the "Pristine Leather" iconPristine Leather Bag, along with the structure blueprint for various longcase clocks. There is also a chance to receive valuable loot drops, including Ancestral Weapon Shards, Flawless Gems, and "Exquisite Heart" iconExquisite Hearts.

Additional Information

Willfred’s combat style involves a mix of melee attacks and powerful abilities. His basic attack is a swipe, but if he glows red, he will perform a series of four consecutive attacks. He can also launch at the player, stunning them with a shout of “Hold still,” dealing significant damage. Occasionally, Willfred turns invisible and then reveals himself with a "Heart Strike" iconHeart Strike, an attack that causes an explosion and additional damage. This attack cannot be countered and must be evaded. When his health is low, he will release seven prisoners and attempt to regain health by consuming them, urging players to kill as many prisoners as possible to prevent his healing.


  • Swipe: Basic melee attack.
  • Rage: If he glows red he’ll attack 4 times in a row.
  • Lunge: If he launches at you, he’ll shout “Hold still” while you get stunned and hit with heavy damage.
  • "Heart Strike" iconHeart Strike: Occasionally he’ll turn invisible, when he reveals himself again, he’ll lunge at you with an attack that deals Heart Strike, this will cause you to explode, causing extra damage. This attack cannot be countered, only evaded.


Special Mechanic:

Prisoner Release: When he’s low on health, he’ll release 7 prisoners. When he shouts “Let me have a taste” he’ll try to eat one of them. Every time he eats one of them, he’ll gain some of his health back, so it is advised to kill as many as you can before he has a chance.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. World Map (Vardoran) 1.0 Update

X: 8447 Y: 5696
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