Last Day of June


Scott Peers

Last Day of June is one of those titles which reminds us that video games offer a unique medium for portraying evocative stories. In this case the visual experience is the predominant way in which players engage with the story. There is no text or spoken word. Instead the player is invited to interpret the story based on the subtle movements and occasional inaudible murmurings of eyeless, disproportionate characters. Accompanying this is the exquisite music of Steven Wilson, inducing an ingenious underlay of emotional engagement. The result, though at first perhaps slightly unsettling, is a peculiarly intimate insight into the tragic events which enfold Carl and June, the two main and only named characters. Set in a modest bucolic village, other playable characters include The Old Man, The Best Friend, The Kid, The Hunter and his (sadly unplayable) companion, The Dog. Each character fits into the narrative by influencing the fate of Carl and June. It becomes the task of the player to relive the events of the day from the perspective of each character to ensure that it does not end with disastrous consequences.

Guide Information

  • Publisher
    505 Games
  • Platforms
    PC, Switch, PS4
  • Genre
    Adventure, Puzzle
  • Guide Release
    9 May 2018
  • Last Updated
    7 December 2020
  • Guide Author
    Scott Peers

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Carl and June are a young couple living the perfect life together in an idyllic mediterranean-esque rural village. The sun always seems to shine on them, but on a day when their first child begins to manifest through June’s pregnancy, the rain begins to fall leading to her catastrophic death in a car crash. Where light once shone now sorrow overwhelms. Carl is left alone in an irrevocably marred world, powerless to do anything other than dwell on his sudden misery. His thoughts linger on the moment of the crash; what could he have done to save her? As time and space seem to cease, a number of portals reveal themselves through June’s paintings, allowing Carl to trace the events of the tragedy from the perspective of those who played some key role leading up to the crash. With this unexpected power, he must now work through the memories contained within the portals to save his beloved June and their child.

This guide will take you through the story of Last Day of June in a way which allows you to collect all the achievements and memories associated with each character without having to go back through the story unnecessarily. In addition, the guide ensures that the player does not miss any of the hidden achievements that can be overlooked along the way.

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