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Relicwatcher Rise Vistas


"Relicwatcher Rise" iconRelicwatcher Rise is a location in the desert biome of The Exiled Lands map. It’s a raised area to the southeast of the "Oasis of Nekhet" iconOasis of Nekhet, northwest of "Ironbreaker Ridge" iconIronbreaker Ridge, and west of "Klael's Stronghold" iconKlael’s Stronghold.

This is a great location for a base since it provides easy access to The "Warmaker's Sanctuary" iconWarmaker’s Sanctuary, which is located directly beneath it and accessed via Klael’s Stronghold. Here you’ll find a number of tough bosses that you can fight for decent loot, so having a base nearby makes respawning easier if you die multiple times in the attempt.

In addition to being within close proximity to Klael’s Stronghold, it’s a relatively short journey to key locations such as the "Mounds of the Dead" iconMounds of the Dead to the north, "New Asagarth" iconNew Asagarth to the northeast, and The "Unnamed City" iconUnnamed City to the southeast. You can also journey further northeast to reach the snow and volcano biomes.

Detailed Location(s)

Located in the far western part of The Exiled Lands map, northwest of The "Unnamed City" iconUnnamed City.


There are decent sources of "Ironstone" iconIronstone nodes and coal around "Relicwatcher Rise" iconRelicwatcher Rise. You can also find "Yellow Lotus Blossom" iconYellow Lotus Blossom, "True Indigo" iconTrue Indigo, and plenty of "Aloe Leaves" iconAloe Leaves in the area.


The following enemies can be found in the vicinity of "Relicwatcher Rise" iconRelicwatcher Rise:


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