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Xalthar's Refuge Caves


This cavern is notable for being the home of the Followers of Sobek, crocodiles, and a colossal stone statue of a crocodile. It’s a relatively large cave with significant lore and significance.

Notable NPCs


Xalthar, after whom the location is named, has intriguing connections to significant characters in the game’s lore. He is the son of Telith and Tyros the Deathbringer, as well as the grandson of "The Witch Queen" iconThe Witch Queen. His background raises questions about his true nature and role in the game’s narrative.

Detailed Location(s)

"Xalthar's Refuge" iconXalthar’s Refuge is situated in the desert biome at coordinates 128,66 on the map. It is located on the cliffside that faces the entrance to the jungle biome. I7 on the Exiled Lands map.

Additional Information

  • Inside "Xalthar's Refuge" iconXalthar’s Refuge, you can find six Iron "Loot Chest" iconLoot Chests containing various valuable items.
  • There is a note on a platform near the top of the cave that tells the story of the beginning of the cult of Sobek.



The dungeon is filled with Sobek followers. Th Champion of Sobek at the back of the dungeon can drop one piece of the Sobek armor set, which is a legendary medium armor set win the white reptile armor set style. You will need to repeatedly kill the Champion to get the all pieces of the armor, as they are random drops every time he dies. To obtain the Legendary White Reptilian Armor Set, venture to "Xalthar's Refuge" iconXalthar’s Refuge, defeat "Aridis, Chosen of Sobek" iconAridis, Chosen of Sobek, and collect the individual armor pieces as they drop from his loot. Be prepared for challenging battles and multiple encounters to gather all the pieces of this unique and powerful armor set.

Chests and Sobek follower loot also has a chance to drop


"Disciple of Sobek" iconDisciple of Sobek

  • Archers
  • Fighters

"Warrior of Sobek" iconWarrior of Sobek

  • Fighters

"Fang of Sobek" iconFang of Sobek


Interactive Map Locations

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