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Abandoned Silver Mine Caves

Detailed Location(s)

The "Abandoned Silver Mine" iconAbandoned Silver Mine is a cave system that is located directly to the southeast of "Sepermeru" iconSepermeru, and to the west of of most western edges of the "Unnamed City" iconUnnamed City. The exact cave location can be found between the two vistas called "The Jawbone" iconThe Jawbone and "Rhinohorn Ridge" iconRhinohorn Ridge.

You’ll know you’re at the location as you’ll encounter some "Silver" iconSilver-veined "Rocknose" iconRocknose, which have the hence to drop Silverstone Ore and "Ironstone" iconIronstone Ore by mining their corpses. You may also run into the occasional Scorpion.


The cave is filled with Silverstone Ore deposits, making it the most dense location of silver ore in the game.


You’re largely coming to the "Abandoned Silver Mine" iconAbandoned Silver Mine for its Silverstone deposits. However, there are plenty of Scorpions inside the cave, which makes it a decent place to gather "Ichor" iconIchor, "Feral Flesh" iconFeral Flesh, and other reagents you may need, especially advanced base building and alchemy.

The final boss also has the chance to drop Fragments of Power, and you can potentially get a Scorpion "Egg" iconEgg, which will allow you to raise a Scorpion Pet in your Animal Pen.

At the very end of the dungeon, you can find a stone slab just before the exit door, found just behind the "Ancient Scorpion Queen" iconAncient Scorpion Queen. This "Stone" iconStone Slab will teach you Scorpion Queen Venom, which ill allow you to make a very deadly poison using the poison gland from the Scorpion Queen’s Venom Gland.


The cave largely only consists of three enemies

  • Regular Scorpions
  • Scorpion king
  • Scorpion Queen

Regular Scorpions are akin to those you fight outside the mine. They are your standard HP enemies, which can deal poison attacks. They don’t have a great deal of HP and armor, and your standard "Ironstone" iconIronstone gear and weapons can handle them.

Scorpion Kings are your alpha version of Scorpions, which are much stronger, have better armor and health. These typically appear near the end of the cave.

The final boss of the cave is the Queen Scorpion. She is a three skull health bar enemy, with several thousands of HP, lots of armor, and has much strongest attacks and poison.

We recommend bringing some healing wraps, Violet Cureall, "Antidote" iconAntidotes, or any other item you can use to remove the stacking poison on these enemies. You should be able to get plenty of poison glands from teh easier to beat Scorpions, and go to the near by Oasis to get your Aloe Vera for your alchemical healing potions.


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