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Bin-Yakin's Seal Caves

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Bin Yakin’s Seal is a cave in the northwest corner of the H10 map tile on the Exiled Lands map.



Chance to get two of any form of "Black Blood" iconBlack Blood Tools:

  • Black "Blood" iconBlood Sickle
  • Black Blood Cleaver
  • Black Blood Pick
  • Black Blood Skinning Knife

These tools are considered hardened legendary tools, which you can use on end game creatures and resource nodes effectively.

You can also loot a "Skeleton" iconSkeleton Key from the boss, Feasts on Flesh, which is used to open a chest containing items part way up the spire in the room with the skylight inside it. For instance, you can get, Splinter, a legendary bow which causes all arrows to break.

There’s also several other chests scattered around the rocks in the skylight room, which contain random rewards, like "Gold Coin" iconGold Coins, "Silver Coin" iconSilver Coins, Steel Ingots and other common lootable resources.


  • Child of Jhill Demons
  • Jhill Demon


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