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The Real Sparky Sparkswall Shields

Category iconLore

Is there anything as beautiful as lightning striking all around you?’ Yrre the Sparkstruck said, letting lightning strike all around them.

Category iconDescription

"The Real Sparky Sparkswall" iconThe Real Sparky Sparkswall is classified as an uncommon shield that grants the wearer the ability to generate a "Lightning Aura" iconLightning Aura.

Category iconEffects/Special Abilities

Wearing this item provides the wearer with the ability:

  • "Lightning Aura" iconLightning Aura: By expending 3 Lightning Charges, release a burst of electricity that inflicts damage and Jolts nearby enemies.

    • Action Required
    • Requires 3 Lightning Charges
    • Range: 6 m / 20 ft
    • Saving "Throw" iconThrow: Dexterity Save
    • Duration: Lasts for 3 turns
    • Recharge: Requires a Long Rest
  • Jolted (Condition): Affected creatures suffer 1d4 "Lightning" iconLightning damage each turn and lose the ability to take Reactions. Condition ends upon exiting the "Lightning Aura" iconLightning Aura.

Location / Where to Find

This shield can be obtained from a securely locked and trapped chest located in Grymforge at coordinates (X:-695, Y:420).

Category iconProficiencies Required

"Shield Proficiency" iconShield Proficiency Shield Proficiency

Equipment Modifier

Lightning Charges Equipment Features


"Lightning Aura" iconLightning Aura Actions
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