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General Valencia the Depraved V Blood Carriers (Ruins of Mortium)

In-game Description

Valencia was once a human baroness, part of an affluent noble family from before the great war. Always hungry for power, ambitious, and utterly without moral tethers, she saw the rise of Dracula and his legions as an opportunity to surpass her human limitations and become something greater. Impressed with her utter depravity, Dracula granted the baroness’ wish. Valencia now serves as a vicious general of the Legion of Noctum.


"General Valencia the Depraved" iconGeneral Valencia the Depraved, a Level 83 V Blood Carrier, is located at the "North Fortress Ruins" iconNorth Fortress Ruins in the Ruins of Mortium. Defeating her rewards players with a Tier 3 Spell Point and the spells "Crimson Beam" iconCrimson Beam and "Heart Strike" iconHeart Strike. Additionally, players unlock the Nightfall Wall Plaque, various Nightfall banners, and recipes for Shadow Weave and Primal Jewels, including several Tier 4 jewels. Valencia’s attacks include A Thousand Spears, Great Spear Shield, Spear Hail, Bloody Iron Maiden and Thrust Kick.


  • A Thousand Spears: General Valencia thrusts her spears forward multiple times, preventing the player from casting spells, dashing, or attacking.
  • Great Spear Shield: Valencia spins her spears back and forth, damaging players who touch them and negating all damage from in front of her.
  • Spear Hail: She throws spears into the air, which crash down creating small craters.
  • Bloody Iron Maiden: Valencia places an Iron Maiden in the center of the arena, which drains a percentage of your Blood Type and deals damage upon spitting out. It can be destroyed.
  • Thrust Kick: Valencia glows red, rushes past you, and kicks you toward the Iron Maiden. This attack only occurs while the Iron Maiden is active.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. World Map (Vardoran) 1.0 Update

X: 9987 Y: 5908
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