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Distilling Confidence No Faction

In-game Description

"Nyssa Marcano" iconNyssa Marcano has asked me to help acquire some cargo from off-world. It’s being held in secure storage at the Spaceport. I’ll need to figure out a way to retrieve it.


After a conversation with Nyssa at The Viewport bar, she tells you she has been working on an amazing new drink, but one of the more “exotic” ingredients she needs to finish the recipe has been impounded by Spaceport customs and is being held in the Storage facility behind the launchpads.

Mission Objectives

  • Access Secure Storage
  • Retrieve Nyssa’s Package
  • Speak to "Nyssa Marcano" iconNyssa Marcano

Location / Where to Find

The Storage facility is located directly behind your launchpad at "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis Spaceport

Mission Rewards (Upon Completion)

Credits (2000)

Mission Walkthrough

Head to the Storage area at the rear of the spaceport and you will encounter an NPC called Emin Macar. Despite being perfectly pleasant, he will not let you into the room behind him so you need to adopt one of two tactics here to get in and acquire the goods for Nyssa.

The easiest, and most cost-effective way, is to use your powers of persuasion to get Emin to let you in. Stick with the green choices and generally, he will cave and you should be fine.

If, for whatever reason, your persuasion fails you will then need to go to the computer on the right-hand side of the door and use a Digipick on it to attempt to hack it. It is rated Novice so should pose no traumas, but it will hit your stock of Digipicks.

Once inside, head to the yellow box at the far side of the room, loot it, and return to Nyssa. You will get rewarded with 75Xp, 2000 credits, and Supernova - oh, and the vague promise of the occasional free drink from the bar.

Media Gallery

Interactive Map Locations

# Title Screenshot Description Coords
1 New Atlantis Map
Map Link
X: 7216
Y: 7687

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