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Resident Evil 2 (2019)

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Sewers (Ada)

Shane Williams

Find Annette

As Leon recovers, Ada will have to take over for a while. Simply climb the ladder to receive the EMF Visualizer, this device can be used to hack electrical appliances through walls to allow her to gain access to different areas. Use the EMF on the electrical box to the right of the ladder and then overpower the fan that’s above the ladder. Climb the ladder and follow the path until your path is blocked by another fan, now use the EMF to hack the electrical box to you right, this will allow you to overpower the fan and jump down.

You’ll now encounter a Zombie but in order for you to unlock the Trophy/Achievement you’ll need get through Ada’s segment of the game without using the Handgun. Whilst dodgeing the Zombie you’ll need to change the path of the wiring so the electric can feed power to the door, simply use the EMF on the junction box in the southeast of the room and collect the Sept. Inspection (Week 1) file off the table before heading through the door.

Inside you’ll need to feed power to the lift so you can you can reach the second floor. Head down the stairs and follow the path until you get to the west side of the room where you’ll need to hack the electrical box with your EMF. Head back to the north of the room and take the lift up. Once you reach the second floor, follow the path around and head through the door before proceeding forward until you see another door with a lever to the left of it. In order to make the lever work you’ll need to use the EMF to hack the electrical box to your right.

Once you’ve opened the door, you’ll need to use your EMF again to hack the junction box that’s above the lever, this will allow you to overpower the fan at the back of the room. Once the fan has been broken, walk towards it to interact with it. From where you jumped down, simply follow the path to the Incinerator.

Inside the Incinerator head up the stairs and collect the Sept. Inspection (Week 2) file and then interact with the lever to open the incinerator door, now head inside the incinerator and pick up the ID Wristband off the Zombie. You’ll now be locked inside the incinerator and will need to find a way to hack the door open.

To begin, use your EMF to hack the electrical box to the right of the Zombie. Now you’ll see three boxes above the door, hack the right box to make it explode. Once you’ve done that look for the junction box that’s in the middle of the room on the left wall and hack it, this will allow you to explode the left box above the door. Finally, hack the junction box on the right side to be able to explode the final box.

Once you’ve escaped the incinerator, make your way back towards the save point and enter through the now open door. Head left into the Treatment Pool Room, follow the room around until you reach the bridge.

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Use only the EMF Visualizer to complete Ada's gameplay segment.

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