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Resident Evil 2 (2019)

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Shane Williams

Step 1: Complete both scenarios with each Character, find all collectibles, and get all Combat-based Trophies

Your first objective in obtaining the Platinum is going through the game with Leon on either Assisted or Standard difficulty. Whilst adventuring through Raccoon City, you’ll need to search every room in order to find all the Files, Raccoons, and Weapons. Use this walkthrough to help find and do all that Raccoon City has to offer.

Once you’ve completed your first playthrough of the game with Leon, head back to the main menu and select New Game and choose Claire 2nd, and pick up the exclusive collectibles to her path. After finshing the Claire 2nd playthrough, you’ll be able to go back to the main menu one again, and play through the Claire A story and finally finishing off with Leon B.

You’ll need to find all 15 Raccoons, by doing so you’ll receive an unbreakable Knife which is extremely useful for your S-Rank playthrough.

Step 2: Obtaining S-Rank on Standard Difficulty to get the Infinite Ammo Handgun

To be able to gain an S-Rank within Resident Evil 2, you’ll need to complete the game in a certain amount of time. You’ll need to complete the A scenarios within 3 Hours 30 Minutes on Standard Difficulty or 2 Hours 30 Minutes for Hardcore. For the B scenarios, you’ll need to finish the game within 3 Hours on Standard Difficulty or 2 Hours for Hardcore

The timer will be constantly running unless you pause the game, so you’ll need find your way around Raccoon City as fast as possible. Once you’ve achieved your first S-Rank, you’ll receive the Samurai Edge Handgun with infinite ammo which will be extreamly useful alongside the unbreakable Knife to use in your S-Rank (Hardcore) playthrough.

Step 3: Completing the Hardcore Difficulty

After many playthroughs of the game and now knowing your way around the map, take the Infinite Ammo Handgun and Infinite Knife and jump into the Hardcore Difficulty. You’ll need to complete the game on Hardcore with both characters to get both trophies.

Step 4: The Fourth Survivor Mode

You’ll be able to unlock this Mode after you’ve finished any of B scenarios. Use the The 4th Survivor page for guidence.

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Resident Evil 2 is back and better than ever. A spine-chilling reimagining of a horror classic. Based on the original PlayStation console release in 1998, journey into the heart of Raccoon City as either Leon S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield.

The guide for Resident Evil 2 features all there is to see and do including a walkthrough featuring every Raccoon, File, Weapons and more. Including indepth strategies on every enemy and every gameplay mode.

Inside Version 1.1

  • Full Walkthrough of the main storyline
  • Coverage of all Collectibles
  • Trophy/Achievement Guide
  • Full walkthrough for The Fourth Survivor and Tofu Survivor
  • Expert strategies on The Ghost Survivors
  • Tips on how to achieve S Ranks on all difficulties

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