Part 1

You’ll run into the deserters upon leaving the Rhogar Temple after killing the Infiltrator boss. Speaking with them will give you your first side-task. They want you to head over to the Western Antechamber in the Rhogar Realm and kill the Dimensional Beast located inside.

Note that this is optional, and the next side-quest involving these fellows will continue regardless of whether you complete this part or not. However, for clearing out the Western Antechamber and informing the deserters you have done so, you will be rewarded with 500XP and a Weapon (Dagger – Protector) .

You can also speak to them once more after receiving your rewards and hand over a potion for an additional 500 XP .

Clear the Dimensional Beast out of the Western Antechamber (left) and then return to the derserters for a reward (right).

Part 2

After killing the Infiltrator and returning to Keystone, as you exit the portal a scene will play. Once the conversation with the wounded soldier is over, he will drop an item a Human Tatoo. Grab this and proceed through the game. Once you arrive in the Keystone Citadel, you will meet the captain of the guard. Upon speaking with him, he’ll ask you to track down and kill the deserters who fled to the Rhogar realm and provide proof of doing so by collecting their Human Tattoo quest items. There are 5 Human Tatoos in total (1 in Keystone Crypts we picked up earlier and 4 in the Rhogar Temple).

After returning to the Rhogar world, depending on whether or not you completed the first part of the deserters side-quest previously in the game, the deserters will appear in different locations.

  • If you helped the deserters previously by clearing out the Western Antechamber when requested, you will find them in the Western Antechamber. When you meet with them again you will find a dead soldier we can loot for a Human Tattoo and there is another under a tile nearby (doesn’t seem to appear in the world, but the button prompt to pick it up will occur). We can also speak to the survivors and encourage them to attack the Guardian boss – doing this will allow you to loot their corpses after said boss fight. This will also net you a new Trinket (Amulet of the Betrayer).
  • If you did not help the deserters previously, their bodies will appear strewn across the Panorama from the entrance to the Eternal Flame to the main entrance of the main Temple. Looting each of these bodies will net you a Human Tattoo each, with the final one also giving the Weapon (Dagger – Defender) .

You can convince the deserters to attack the Guardian boss (left). After the fight you can loot their Human Tattoos from the arena floor (right).

Once you have all of the Human tattoos, return to Keystone Citadel and speak with the guard captain. You will be rewarded with 1,000XP and a Trinket (The Great Burden) .


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