Lightning Brother

Attack/s Description
Melee Swings This is the boss’s standard attack when you stay in short-medium range. He will swing his sword in a two hit combo attack.
Leap The boss will jump at you from a distance and perform a melee attack with an AOE lightning strike on impact.
Lightning Toss The boss will occasionally fire off a lightning bolt in your direction when at range.
Lightning Stomp If you stay in close proximity to the boss for too long it will stomp its feet a few times, sending lightning shockwaves outwards.

The Lightning Brother (left) and the Fire Brother (right).

Fire Brother

Attack/s Description
Melee Swings This is the boss’s standard attack when you stay in short-medium range. He will swing his sword in a two hit combo attack.
Leap The boss will jump at you from a distance and perform a melee attack with an AOE fire strike on impact.
Back Kick Staying too close behind the boss will see him kick backwards and hit you.
Fire Breath The boss will shoot a wave of fire in a half circle around him. This will cause damage on impact and burning damage over time.
Fire Oil Fire in patches along the ground that will stay for 20-30 seconds. Walking through this by accident will damage you and can cause a burn and damage over time.

Combat Strategy:

This boss fight has you up against not one, but two bosses. Each of the two bosses have a different set of moves based around their elemental persuasion (listed above) so you will need to familiarise yourself with their attacks and what they entail. Fortunately, the two brothers will rarely attack you together, only doing so in transition periods as they instead opt to take turns fighting Harkyn one-on-one.

The thing that most players will find difficult in this fight is that the same tactics will not work for each Brother and as they switch over frequently, it is imperative that you remember to switch your combat manoeuvring to match. The other tricky bit is attempting to keep an eye on the second, passive brother whilst fighting the first. When it comes time to switch, the inactive brother will drop from the ceiling and create a fire/lightning shockwave with a fairly large area of effect and you’ll want to steer clear of this.

The fire breath is the Fire Brother's biggest opportunity for a melee attack (left) whilst the Lightning Brother acts more like a regular melee enemy (right).

When you are taking on the Fire Brother, there are very few openings in his defences. Additionally, the majority of his attacks dish out AOE damage that will cause a burning status on Harkyn, resulting in damage over time. Try to use your gauntlet as much as possible to whittle away a little bit of his health at a time. The biggest opening you can exploit for an attack is when the boss utilises its fire breath attack during which time you can sneak around to the side or behind it and slash him a few times with your weapon of choice.

The Lightning Brother on the other hand is much easier. He acts a lot more like a standard enemy whose melee attack pattern is obvious to identify, easy to avoid and has an opening for 1-2 melee attacks at the end of it. The trick to beating him down quickly is to stay in the ‘sweet spot’ in which you are just out of his range, but close enough so that he will attempt the melee combo, avoid it and then damage him before quickly rolling away to dodge the lightning stomp that will undoubtedly follow. This tactic can pretty much be used for the entire fight. Additionally, the lightning brother will fire projectiles at Harkyn during transition periods - so be sure to dodge!

Once you have killed one of the Brothers, the fight will become even trickier as the surviving brother will absorb the abilities of the dead boss. Remember which brother you are fighting and retain the same tactics you have used throughout the fight, just be aware that some additional dodging is most definitely necessary.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Two Against One

Defeat the Lost Brothers

Trophy icon

After the fight grab the Sealed Rune (Big) and the Shield (Shield - Defender) that the boss dropped. Note that the properties of the shield will vary depending on which of the Brothers you killed last (the shield will have 100 resistance to the element of the brother that is last to be killed - either Fire or Lightning).

Return to the passage you came from and look on the ground next to the Loot Crystal #9 to find a newly spawned Audio Note (Dark Deeds: The Subjects) .

Use the Anvil over by the now locked door in the main room if you like and when you are ready, climb the stairs to the left to progress.


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