Attack/s Description
Melee Swings The boss has several melee combo attacks that will differ depending on your proximity to him and the side at which you approach. The most common attack is three hit combo attack finishing with an overhead slam.
Stab The Judge can perform a two attack melee combo ending in a heavy damage single stabbing attack which usually occurs if you are just outside his melee range.
Charge The Judge will charge at you from across the map and perform a leaping attack from a decent distance away with an overhead slam at the far end in attempt to knock you down. This is usually followed up by a melee combo attack.
Projectiles The boss will throw 6-7 blades at you which will fan out in a semi-circle from in front of his position.
Summon The boss will periodically summon a group of 4-5 Infected.
Fire Lines The Judge will leave the area temporarily and attempt to hit you from a distance with lines of fire in paths across the battle zone. The fires will stay put for a good 10-15 seconds and will cause burning status and damage over time if touched.
Regeneration After using his fire attack, the boss will drop back to the arena level and use an ability to draw in and kill any remianing summoned Infected enemies. This will regenerate the Judge’s health.
Red Orb/Clouds After taking a bit of damage, the boss will drop red clouds around the combat area. These are bad as they not only cause damage, but they also permanently reduce Harkyn’s base hit points for the duration of the fight.

Combat Strategy:

The Judge is your final challenge in Lords of the Fallen and despite looking big and mean, if you have got some decent gear he should not give you too much trouble at all. As with the Guardian, most of the Judge’s damage comes from a fire based attacks so having high fire defence and runes to increase that attribute will assist in mitigating some of the damage.

We will start the fight at the very top of the Citadel and after a short amount of time, the game will transition us to a larger arena in which to fight below.

The boss provides slight openings for attack at the end of both his 3 hit (left) and 2 hit (right) melee combos.

For the most part, you will be fighting the boss at ground level, however he will periodically emit a green gas before jumping back up to the balcony overlooking the combat zone, summon a group of 4-5 Infected enemies and then drop lines of fire into the area which will stay active for a short time afterwards - the fires will damage Harkyn and cause burning and damage over time if they connect or are stepped in. During this time, you will need to kill as many of the Infected as you can, because when the boss drops back down to your level, he will consume any remaining Infected and regenerate a chunk of health.

Once he has summoned Infected a couple of times, the boss will also use his red cloud attack in which he throws a red orb along the ground which leaves a red cloud. Not only will the red cloud damage Harkyn, but it will reduce Harkyn’s base maximum hit point total. Nasty! Additionally, if the red cloud hits an Infected, it will explode causing a large amount of area of effect damage if you are too close to it. in summation Red orb/cloud = bad so stay well away from it!

You can only inflict damage on the boss when he is in the combat area at ground level. He has a large range of damaging attacks, but by staying close to his melee range you can limit the use of his mid-long range abilities such as the projectile spears and his charge. His two different melee combos are both easy enough to avoid and have a slight pause afterwards which allow you to get in and hack away once or twice for some damage. His biggest opening is as he is summoning the Infected, just before leaning to the balcony as he will stand still for a good 2-3 seconds with no attempt to defend himself. There is also an opening in his defense right after he drops down to the balcony and begins to absorb the Infected.

When the boss summons Infected, be sure to wail on him (left). Avoid the fire lines he shoots at all costs (right).

At every opportunity, you should use your gauntlet to supplement your damage and keep his health ticking down.

Eventually, once you have inflicted enough damage, the boss will fall and you will have completed the game. Congratulations!

Trophy/Achievement Icon

God is Dead

Led humans to victory

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Trophy/Achievement Icon

Faith is Weakness

Led Rhogar to victory

Trophy icon
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Whole World in His Hands

Bring balance to both realms

Trophy icon
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Way of the Cleric

Complete the game as Cleric

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Trophy/Achievement Icon

Way of the Rogue

Complete the game as Rogue

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Trophy/Achievement Icon

Way of the Warrior

Complete the game as Warrior

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