Attack/s Description
Melee Swings This is the boss’s standard attack when you stay in short-medium range. He will swing his mace in a three hit combo attack.
Leap The boss jump a large distance with an overhead slam at the far end in attempt to knock you down. This is usually followed up by a melee combo attack.
Mace Throw The boss will throw his mace at you. It can be quite damaging when it hits, but is easily avoided.
Stun The boss will raise his hands in the air and a large flash will occur, temporarily stunning Harkyn.
Chain Lightning The boss will shoot lightning out in front of him that can stretch pretty much the entire length of the arena. It will progressively damage you if you stand in its path.

Combat Strategy:

Although his name sounds intimidating, the annihilator is possibly the easiest boss in the whole game. There are a couple of ways of going about killing him, but by far the easiest is to keep your distance from him so that he spams his mace throw attack. You see when he throws his mace, if you dodge it - he will stand still for a good 2-3 seconds before it returns and during this period he will not block - making it ideal to dish out 2-3 melee swings before backing off.

The Annihilator is a mostly stationary target (left). Wait for him to throw his mace (left) before running in to attack.

One thing you do need to be careful of though is his flashbang style stun attack. When his health begins to wane a little he will use this more and more frequently. The Annihilator will raise his arms in the air (this is your warning) and after 2-3 seconds a flash will occur, stunning Harkyn. This is impossible to avoid or block and the stun will always occur - as such you want to put as much distance between yourself and the boss as possible when he starts the animation. Usually, if you are far enough away, you’ll only need to worry about a mace toss (which you can hopefully avoid).

You can pile on additional damage with the gauntlet from a distance, but essentially, as long as you distance yourself from the boss during the stun move, the tactic of rolling away from the mace, dashing in and dropping a few hits on the boss will work for the duration of the fight.

The stunning flash is unavoidable (left) so get as far away as you can. The chain lightning can be extremely damaging (right) if you let it hit you.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Not a Question of Can or Cant

Defeat the Annihilator

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Following the fight be sure to loot the new Weapon (Hammer - Lightning) and the Sealed Rune (Large) .

Now backtrack to the previous room and enter the Loot Crystal #8 which is now active.

Loot Crystal #8

Inside the Loot Crystal you will find three chests. Open them all to obtain:

  • Empty Bottle,
  • Weapon (Greatsword - Core),
  • Lightning Resistance Shard,
  • Magic Resistance Shard,
  • Energy Shard and a
  • Sealed Rune (Small).
    Now that all of your looting is done, return to the ‘real’ world.
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Treasure Left Alone

Loot all Treasure Chambers

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Fight your way back to where you killed the Annihilator. Continue out the far end of the boss area to find another portal. Cruise on through here to enter a new zone.


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