There are a 15 unique/legendary weapons in the game that provide players with special properties and the vast majority of those available are obtained via defeating each of the game’s bosses whilst satisfying a certain condition whilst others can be found either from completing side-quests or are located in hard to find areas.

When fighting bosses for these items, you will still earn a standard, less powerful/unique variant of each of the weapons by defeating the bosses without fulfilling the optional objectives. These weapons however will not count towards the achievement/trophy and lack the special abilities.

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Below you’ll find a pair of tables. The first will outline the wweapons/shields that can be obtained through exploration whilst the second will focus on the game’s bosses and special items availble from defeating them under certain conditions:

**Weapon** **Special Ability** **How to Unlock**
**Bloodsick** This **Shortsword** starts off quite powerful, but grows weaker the more you use it. It can be found in the Royal Tombs portion of the Catacombs. Go down the stairs opposite the gap bridged by a wooden plank and knock down a wooden barricade here. The sword is located in a chest within one of the rooms in this hidden area.
**Bloodlust** This **Shortsword** starts off weak, but grows stronger the more you use it. Found in The Pit portion of the Catacombs. In The Pit area, there is a pressure plate behind one of the columns. Enter the door this opens and interact with the statue inside for the weapon.
**Blocker** This **Buckler Shield** is probably the best in the game for blocking non-magic projectiles (crossbow bolts, arrows etc.). Found in the Cell Circle section of the Catacombs. You’ll need to complete the Infected Monk quest by finding the lever handle for the broken lever outside his cell. Fixing the lever and throwing it will open the Infected Monk’s cell as well as the cell to the right of his. The shield can be found in here.
**Curse** This **Shortsword** has a great deal of magic-based damage. You’ll need to find the Curse sword in the Old Quarters in the basement of the Keystone Citadel. Once you have the sword, take it to the Graveyard to where you fought the Worshiper and look for an open grave. Approach this and bury the sword. Kill the ghost that appears and you’ll be rewarded with the upgraded weapon.
**Stance** This **Kite Shield** restores magic slightly when blocking. This is earned by collecting and handing in 15 Human Skulls to the Crippled Rhogar in the Rhogar realm.

The boss related Special Weapons include:

**Weapon** **Special Ability** **How to Unlock**
**Persistence** This **Sword** sends forth a shockwave during heavy attacks. Awarded for defeating the First Warden boss without taking any damage.
**Commander Shield** This is a **Tower Shield** that fires projectiles when using Shield Wall. Awarded for defeating the Commander boss without blocking at all.
**Clawfinger** This is a **Greataxe** carried by the Worshiper. Awarded for defeating the Worshiper after you have managed to get him to kill two of the summoned Golems during the fight.
**Uras** This is a **Polesword** whose heavy attacks will create a puddle on the ground that will heal you. Defeat the Infiltrator before the braziers above the arena have been lit. This seems to be time sensitive, so defeating the boss as quickly as possible is necessary.
**Sting** These **Fist** weapons catch on fire when Harkyn’s health is low and will deal increased damage. Defeat the Champion boss without forcing him into Rage mode. This means managing his rage meter and slowing down the fight in order to not take/deal too much damage too quickly. The boss will automatically enter Rage mode twice when his health reaches certain levels, this will not affect the optional objective.
**Stain** This **Hammer** creates a poison puddle upon using a heavy attacks that will poison enemies. Defeat the Beast boss without stepping in any of the poison puddles that he spits out during the fight.
**Firewalker** A **Shortsword** with a great deal of fire-based damage. Awarded for defeating the Guardian boss without knocking over any of the braziers in the Eternal Flame arena.
**Lightning** A **Hammer** with a lightning enhanced two-handed leap attack. This is earned by defeating the Annihilator boss with the killing blow coming from a weapon with electrical DAMAGE (The Unity Staff or Yetka’s Dagger are your best bet!).
**Defender (Fire or Electric)** A **Buckler Shield** with 100% resistance to either electricity/fire. Can reflect some damage back at enemies when blocking. Awarded for defeating the Lost Brothers boss encounter – the shield will bear the properties of whichever brother (lightning or Fire) that you kill first.


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