Empty Bottles are a great addition to Harkyn’s inventory each and every time you find one. This is because each Empty Bottle obtained will increase the number of healing potions that Harkyn can carry by one. Below are the locations of all of the Empty Bottles I have found in the game so far listed in the order in which they appear in the above walkthrough.

  • Keystone Monastery - Behind a bookcase we can destroy in the side-passages at the very start of the game. Roll beneath the half-open portcullis and loot the chest inside for the Empty Bottle.
  • Keystone Monastery – In one of the chests inside Loot Crystal #1 which is unlocked after defeating the First Warden.

There is a hidden room behind the bookcases in the very first area (left). There is another Empty Bottle in a rune-locked chest to the left of the path to the Cemetary (right).

  • Keystone, Memorial – In a chest locked by a rune on the left hand side of the area to the left of the Checkpoint Crystal by the path leading to the Burned Watchtower. Beware the Knights and high level Infected in the area if you go early!
  • Keystone, Burned Watchtower – In a chest inside the Burned Watchtower.
  • Keystone, Burned Watchtower – On a small, snowy path behind the Burned Watchtower we can drop down to from the hole in the wall by the stairs in the room with the Marauder. The Empty Bottle is in a chest.
  • Rhogar Temple, Eternal Flame – On the far right hand side of the area where one of the Demon Hounds patrols.
  • Rhogar Temple, Eternal Flame – In the side-passages to the left of the main Eternal Flame area. There is a locked door here that requires two runes to open. Inside is a chest containing an Empty Bottle.
  • Rhogar Temple, Sacred Hallways – In one of the chests inside Loot Crystal #4 unlocked after defeating the Infiltrator.

After defeating the Beast, return to the Champion's arena to find a chest and several Audio Notes (left). There is a hidden wall in the Cellar area containing an Empty Bottle (right).

  • Catacombs, Monster Prison – Return to where you fought the Champion after defeating the Beast and the alcove previously blocked by a gate will be open. Inside is several Audio Notes and a chest containing an Empty Bottle.
  • Keystone Citadel, Cellar - Inside the hidden room we knock down the wall to enter during the Concerned Monk side-quest. There is an additional weak wall guarded by a Spider at the very far end of the room from where we entered. Break down the wall here to find the Empty Bottle.
  • Catacombs, New Burial Chambers – In one of the chests inside Loot Crystal #5 after killing the Champion boss.
  • Rhogar Temple, Chamber of Lies – This is in the room with the large hole in the centre on the side with the Spellcasters and Golems (the second room in if you come from the Eternal Flame). Climb the stairs to the right of the entrance and at the top, use the ledge beside the top of the stairs to reach a small platform with an item just above the stairs – this is the Empty Bottle.
  • Rhogar Temple, Chamber of Lies – In one of the chests inside Loot Crystal #8 after defeating the Annihilator.


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