As per your standard RPG experience players will earn experience points (XP) which can be spent to upgrade Harkyn’s base attributes and unlock additional magic abilities associated with the school of magic chosen at the start of the game. Harkyn gains experience by:

  • Killing enemies,
  • Progressing through story events
  • Completing side-quests.
  • Picking up collectibles and
  • Exploring new areas for the first time.

XP Multiplier

The game includes an XP multiplier to reward players with additional XP for killing as many monsters as they can before hitting a Checkpoint Crystal . The more monsters you kill between saves, the more the XP multiplier will increase and so too will the subsequent XP gained from killing monsters with the multiplier active.

Dying and Regaining XP

As with Dark Souls, if you die whilst holding XP, this will then be deposited on the ground close to where Harkyn was killed in the form of a white cloud. It is not lost however as although the enemies will have respawned, you can still fight your way back through them to the cloud and interact with it to recover your dropped XP.

Unlike Dark Souls however, there is a time limit on how long the XP will stick around and it will slowly count down until it vanishes altogether. The speed of the countdown will be affected by the XP multiplayer when you died, the higher the XP multiplier was at the time of death, the longer it will take for the XP cloud to dissipate.

You can use Checkpoint Crystals to Bank XP (left). If you die, you can recover your lost XP, which appears as a white cloud (right).

Banking XP and Levelling Up

When you reach a Checkpoint Crystal , you can use the opportunity to level Harkyn. Within the levelling menu, you have the ability to bank experience in order to purchase a Spell point which can be used to unlock magic abilities or an attribute point which can be invested to increase one of Harkyn’s attributes.

Upon investing XP in a point, the amount of experience required for each subsequent point will increase.

It is possible to find a number of Attribute Point Shards and Spell Point Shards throughout the world and these can be spent to instantly unlock a point for Harkyn. Unfortunately, these will also push up the XP required for the next point. Due to that and the fact that they are hard to come by and extremely useful, it is recommended that you spend them only when Harkyn is at a relatively high level so that you get the maximum benefit.


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Lords of the Fallen takes us on a journey to a dark and mysterious world where the lands of Keystone are under attack from an interdimensional demonic army. Join Harkyn: a branded, outcast criminal who is freed to seek his redemption through a bid to bring the invaders to their knees. Lords of the Fallen takes many of its cues and gameplay mechanics from the notoriously difficult Dark Souls series (and can be a little tricky itself at times) but puts some new and interesting spins on From Software’s winning formula.

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