When initially creating a character, in addition to specialising in a school of magic, players are provided with three options of classes. The class selected at this point will affect the weapons and armour that Harkyn begins the game with as well as the base stats for the character. The starting attribute bonuses give you a hint as to what you want to level with each class to make the most of their play style.

It should be noted that following the first hour or so of the game, players are able spend their XP points and can from then on develop their character into any class they choose. Additionally, all three starting armour sets can be found before exiting the tutorial area. So even if you choose one class at the start, you can change your mind and transform Harkyn into another class fairly early on if you so desire.


The Cleric class starts with a boost to Vitality and Faith. The Focus of this class is the gauntlet, the use of magic abilities and magic-imbued melee attacks from socketed runes. Specialising in the Solace Tree allows players some useful abilities such as Shelter which provides a great deal of protection whilst reflecting damage, making it ideal for a caster. Clerics are fairly easy to use and their gauntlet can become extremely overpowered once you level Faith to a high enough level. I would classify the Cleric as the game’s medium difficulty class.

There are three types of Cleric depending on the school of magic selected:

  • Executioner = Cleric + Deception Magic
  • Cleric = Cleric + Solace Magic
  • Brawler = Cleric + Brawling Magic

Clerics play well with medium armour (left) and focus on ranged attacks (right).


The Rouge’s main focus is on Endurance and Agility. The class revolves around light armour, dual-wielding smaller weapons and use hit and run tactics and combo attacks to inflict massive damage in a short period of time. They are able to move very quickly due to the lesser armour load but will take much more damage from enemy attacks. On the plus side, with their lighter armour Harkyn can move around the battlefield much, much quicker. Rogues are tricky to play and are the most difficult class by far to get the hang of due to their lower armour rating forcing players to rely on skill-based dodging.

There are three types of Rogue depending on the school of magic selected:

  • Rogue = Rogue + Deception Magic
  • Ranger= Rogue + Solace Magic
  • Outlaw = Rogue + Brawling Magic

Rogues prefer light armour (left) and their quickness allows them to outmanouver enemies (right).


Warriors are all about Strength and Vitality. The strength attribute focuses primarily on dishing out melee damage as well as increasing Harkyn’s armour load to allow him to wear heavier sets of armour. With a focus on damage dealing melee attacks and heavy armour, they are walking tanks. This is the easiest way to play through Lords of the Fallen and is strongly recommended for beginners.

There are three types of Warrior depending on the school of magic selected:

  • Raider = Warrior + Deception Magic
  • Paladin = Warrior + Solace Magic
  • Warrior = Warrior + Brawling Magic

Warriors utilise heavy armour (left) and melee combat (right).


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