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001 - Burnout Bully


A businessman who works for a shady company. The crushing stress…

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002 - Capitalist Punisher

Vexed Kick

A bad-tempered businessman who recklessly picks fights and then…

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003 - Hammered Man


Wanders town drunk off his ass. Watch out, though - he’ll blindly…

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004 - Knight of the Cask

Booze BreathBottoms Up

Really into period films. Insists everyone call him “General”…

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005 - Urbane Legend

Booze BreathBottoms UpDoze Off

A man known as a hero in many bars. Charms all onlookers with…

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006 - Battle Bum

Pyro BurpPleading

An eye-stingingly pungent street-dweller. Can’t do much damage…

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007 - Hungry Hungry Homeless

Mystery HerbsPyro BurpPleading

A street-dweller who’s gotten hungry enough to turn violent.…

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008 - Invested Vagabond

Pyro BurpEscape

A street survivalist who rarely shows himself. Despite his appearance,…

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009 - Transcendent Transient

Pyro BurpDreaming in ParadiseCardboard Wall

A mythical ascetic withdrawn from society. Lives a life free…

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010 - Biting Barker

Victory Cheer

A devious barker trying to lure customers to a ripoff host club.…

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011 - Hostile Host

Victory CheerSweet Dreams

A supporting host that works at a ripoff host club. Nobody requests…

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012 - Heavenly Host

DebaucherySweet Delusion

The top host of a ripoff host club. His twisted, egomaniacal…

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013 - Street Punk


A punk running with a certain gang. Used as expendable frontline…

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014 - Steamed Punk

Call the HomiesStabbing Frenzy

A thug known to be a skilled fighter even among his peers. Trying…

Item icon
015 - Overpunk

Wanna Die?Murderous GlareStabbing Frenzy

A capable punk who’s earned the respect of the entire gang. Some…

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016 - Color Gangsman


Part of a splinter faction of the Color Gangs. Always with his…

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017 - Boss Gangsman

Safety’s OffDebilitatorNo Remorse

Keeps the Color Gangs in check. The guy’s so tough, he’s never…

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018 - Tribesman

High Stunner

Part of an insurgent group called Tribal that’s been expanding…

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019 - Tribesbrute

High StunnerLeg Bomb

A true warrior among the Tribal. If there’s ever trouble within…

Item icon
020 - Tribeschief

High StunnerLeg BombButterfly Step

The boss that leads Tribal. The sinuous pattern of his unusual…

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021 - Assassin

DisembowelReady to Die

An agent of the underworld who takes contracts to kill. If you…

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022 - Fundoshin

DisembowelVengeful VivisectionBludgeon

Fundoshi-clad assassin who feels his life’s purpose is to beat…

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023 - Ornery Yakuza

ChloroformFiend’s Edge

An out-of-control yakuza from a lesser-known family. Hopes to…

Item icon
024 - Scarred Yakuza

ChloroformFiend’s EdgeHeavens Divide

A heavily-scarred yakuza from a lesser-known family. One look…

Item icon
025 - Demolitioneer


An unruly worker in the demolition industry. Always in a bad…

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026 - Sledgehammer

Dynamite Toss

A dangerous worker with destructive urges and a hammer. Liable…

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027 - Batterer Out of Hell

Megaton HammerBlue-Collar PrideGroundwork

A mysterious wrecker. With his buff arms and brutal strikes,…

Item icon
028 - Pro Pickpocket


A criminal who subtly sneaks wallets out of the pockets of passersby.…

Item icon
029 - Break-and-Entryman


A criminal who illegally enters buildings and steals valuables.…

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030 - King of Thieves

Smoke BombSteal

Descendant of an infamous thief from the Azuchi-Momoyama period.…

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031 - Chinese Mafioso

Poison Claw

Fighter from a Chinese Mafia. Armed with a vicious claw, he slices…

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032 - Chinese Mafia Boss

Poison ClawParalyzing Claw

The boss of a Chinese Mafia. His unique claws are lethal enough,…

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033 - Pressured Cooker

Deep BreathSizzling Breath

Chef that works at a Chinese restaurant with a bad rep. Ready…

Item icon
034 - Mystery Meatsmith

Deep BreathScorching Breath

This shady cook’s food is made from… ingredients. Those who meet…

Item icon
035 - Ironclad Chef

Deep BreathBalanced DietInfernal Breath

A head chef who keeps his rowdy kitchen crew in line. An absolutely…

Item icon
036 - Shruggler


Doesn’t care about getting permission for his performances. Things…

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037 - Druggler

Heat SpreaderHypnotizer

A bizarre street performer who juggles drug torches. He seems…

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038 - Juggle-O

Heat SpreaderBig Top BoogieLunatic Shuffle

A legendary street performer who handles burning torches. A deviant…

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039 - Sneak-a-tack

Numbing PointVital PointThermal Point

A sly acupuncturist with a penchant for pranking his patients.…

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040 - Weltraiser

Numbing PointThermal PointEcstatic Point

A pierceologist who has succeeded in the ultimate body modification.…

Item icon
041 - Dine-and-Dasher

Part of the dine-and-dash group talked about around town. They’re…

Item icon
042 - Chomp-and-Charger

Glutton’s EmbraceFeel the Meat

A glutton who bumbles around looking for fatty foods. If he gets…

Item icon
043 - Noblesse Obesity

Glutton’s EmbraceFeel the MeatAll-Beef Blast

A devotee of all things meat, this scourge of the buffet line…

Item icon
044 - Hitjourneyman


A hitman who shoots from afar with a bowgun. He’s still learning,…

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045 - Ghillie Man

TranquilizerStealth ModeCritical Bolt

A mysterious hitman who stays hidden in a ghillie suit. Pops…

Item icon
046 - Military Buffed

Rapid FireHand Grenade

An extreme military otaku. Typically found wandering around loaded…

Item icon
047 - Arminator

DisarmRapid FireDestructo Beam

An enigmatic assassin. Rumors say that he’s something more than…

Item icon
048 - Ruffian

Heated Strike

Causes noise pollution with modded bikes and cars. There used…

Item icon
049 - Biker Boss

Haughty StrikeHeated StrikeMighty Strike

The boss that keeps the gang in line. Many view him as an icon,…

Item icon
050 - Big Dog

Come Get Some

A bouncer who accompanies foreigners making illegal deals. Thanks…

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051 - Bouncer

Come Get SomeRapid Shot

A bouncer at a club that’s a hub for shady dealings. Tough enough…

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052 - Big Payback

Come Get SomeRapid ShotI Got You

A mysterious contractor called in by mafias to exact revenge.…

Item icon
053 - Technomancer

Leak SecretsRogue Drones

Part of a group with excellent computer tech and hacking skills.…

Item icon
054 - Black Hat Wizard

Erotic ExtortionRogue Drones

A respected authority among the hackers. Plucks national secrets…

Item icon
055 - Nameless

Skill HackingErotic ExtortionRogue Drones

A shadowy hacker capable of taking control of any network worldwide.…

Item icon
056 - Smugglebug

Happy PowderStun Gun

Typically found selling chintzy accessories on the streets, but…

Item icon
057 - Scarredface

Violet PowderHappy PowderOverclocked Stun Gun

Boss of a foreign smuggling business. Also a gifted pharmacologist,…

Item icon
058 - Poser

Brutal DissWicked Outro

A man who “takes inspiration” from the foreign rapper lifestyle,…

Item icon
059 - Diss Tracker

Brutal DissFlow Stopper

Focuses on dissing his opponent. Since he totally ignores rhythm…

Item icon
060 - King Joe

Raise the RoofBrutal DissFlow Stopper

A legend of the street dancing world. His moves are so sublime,…

Item icon
061 - Roguish Recruiter

Call Posse

Lies about being from a major production company to sell people…

Item icon
062 - Maneating Loan Shark

Shit-TalkingPeacockingCall Posse

A malicious moneylender who loans out cash with absurd interest…

Item icon
063 - Bomb Bug

Shifty Behavior

Sneaks into empty (or mostly-empty) buildings, and destroys them…

Item icon
064 - Iceonist

Shifty Behaviour

A criminal who carries liquid nitrogen around to freeze random…

Item icon
065 - Bombardier

Shifty Behaviour

This terrorist tries to bomb places with his homemade explosives.…

Item icon
066 - Escapist


Was locked away for years after a theft, but has now escaped…

Item icon
067 - Feral Felon

Gallows GripHaymaker

Once locked away for heinous crimes. The depth of his cruelty…

Item icon
068 - Twisted Mind

Artery SliceGallows Grip

A legendarily eccentric serial killer and most-wanted criminal.…

Item icon
069 - Unboxer


A punk with a membership at a boxing gym. Uses his newly-learned…

Item icon
070 - Prizedfighter

TauntKnockout Finisher

A former pro boxer who had his license revoked for cases of assault.…

Item icon
071 - Death Knuckle

TauntGuillotineQuick Break

Equipped with the G-B-H-G, the deadliest weapon in the underground…

Item icon
072 - Hollow Follower

Demented ShriekMalevolent Possession

Follower of a shady religious group that worships a chicken as…

Item icon
073 - Munanugget Messiah

Profane CurseProfane Revelation

The living god of a shady religious group that worships a chicken.…

Item icon
074 - Spirited Medium

Trance PowerViolent Spasms

A man attuned to a mysterious spiritual power, he can commune…

Item icon
075 - Mister Six

Trance PowerViolent SpasmsExorcism

A professor who studied psychic ability and awakened his sixth…

Item icon
076 - Pocketing Watchman

Full Alert

A corrupt guard who steals from the very establishment he’s guarding.…

Item icon
077 - False Security

TauntFull AlertBeatdown

Part of a group of thieves. Masquerading as security officers,…

Item icon
078 - Subjugation-kun

TauntBeatdownBlind Fury

A next-generation security developed by a security company. Some…

Item icon
079 - Baseball Diehard

HecklingCall Fans

An overzealous fan. If his team loses, he flies into a frenzy,…

Item icon
080 - Massacre Mascot

HecklingBursting BottleHooligan Havoc

A rioter wearing the team’s mascot mask. Wielding a molotov,…

Item icon
081 - Shade Thrower

BlisterballLightspeed Ball

A pitcher on an aggressive sandlotter team, he hurls more verbal…

Item icon
082 - Assaulting Batter

Sweet Spot

A fast foreign batter from an aggressive sandlotter team, he…

Item icon
083 - Purger of Filth

Ultra DetergentKiller Bees

Obsessed with cleanliness. Has an urge to cleanse anyone who…

Item icon
084 - The Dark Sweeper

Ultra DetergentStain RemoverKiller Bees

A transcendental custodian. Has judged humanity to be the source…

Item icon
085 - Twitchy Streamer

Scandalous ShotSudden Interview

Films whoever he wants for the sake of his livestream without…

Item icon
086 - Creeper Peeper

Ceaseless ChatterSudden InterviewScandalous Shot

A former special-ops member. Now, he employs his espionage skills…

Item icon
087 - Skaterboi

Radical Drop

A public nuisance who recklessly skates in places where skateboards…

Item icon
088 - The Wheelman

Radical DropIntermission

A skater who’s protected his whole body so he can run wild on…

Item icon
089 - New Aged Hippie

Sticky Greens

A busker who sings songs of freedom. His eccentric performances…

Item icon
090 - Peacemaker

Cathartic SmokeHolistic Herb

A street musician who specializes in songs of love. His soothing…

Item icon
091 - Bohemiarch

Ballad of PeaceCathartic SmokeMetaphysical Herb

A man who sings and plays songs of peace in the street. His strange…

Item icon
092 - Shillboard

Sign Cutter

A human billboard who stands in the street with a sign on him.…

Item icon
093 - Invulnera-Billboard

Sign CutterReflective Posture

A legendary salesman said to have been advertising since time…

Item icon
094 - Pompadork

Fix the Hair

A pompadour-styled thug who wanders the streets. Above all else,…

Item icon
095 - The Twister

Fix the HairDance Off

Some say he’s the founder of the rockabilly world. From the fashion…

Item icon
096 - City Slicker

Slippery Kick

A perverted regular of the Red Light District. Slopping all that…

Item icon
097 - Grease Monk

Slippery KickLeaky RocketRub-a-Dub-Dub

A sage and mentor of the red-light district. Can manipulate lotion…

Item icon
098 - Pornogra-Pharoah

Slippery KickLeaky RocketRub-a-Dub-Dub

A master of all things red-light. An infamously big spender,…

Item icon
099 - Imp Patient

Shivering Touch

A patient wandering the city after slipping out of the hospital.…

Item icon
100 - The Outlier

Pestilence TouchTouch of Death

An unfortunate participant in clinical testing for a new drug…

Item icon
101 - Turncoat Titillator

Heaven’s Door

Hides away from busy areas, waiting to flash unsuspecting passersby.…

Item icon
102 - Flash Mobber

Behind the VeilShowtime

Once a diligent doctor, he’s now awoken to the thrill of exhibitionism.…

Item icon
103 - Crotchety Geezer

Joyful JigBehind the VeilShowtime

Been cited for indecency countless times, but ran from each charge.…

Item icon
104 - Automoburglar


A group of thieves that targets luxury cars to steal any valuables…

Item icon
105 - Safe Crackpot

Menacing SwingMug

Part of a group that sneaks into businesses and robs safes. They’ve…

Item icon
106 - Undertaker

MugDeafening CryCall Accomplice

Tasked with cleaning up those killed in the underworld. Leaves…

Item icon
107 - Crabby Sentinel

Downward Swing

Guards the condemned thrown into underground prisons. Formerly…

Item icon
108 - Pier Reviewer

Downward SwingFierce Tackle

Secures harborside sites for smuggling operations with the foreign…

Item icon
109 - Captain Cruncher

Fierce TackleSuper Typhoon

A man of unknown age who attacks and pillages fishing boats and…

Item icon
110 - Slugger

Battle Cry

A giant who charges his enemies with a flaming bat. Because of…

Item icon
111 - Battering Batter

Home Run SwingMuscle Tension

A giant who charges his enemies with a nail bat. Startlingly…

Item icon
112 - Grand Slammer

Home Run SwingHome Run SwaggerBelly Rub

A giant man toting a dangerous barbed wire bat. One hit from…

Item icon
113 - Eccentrickster

CryogeneratorElectro Pulse

An older fellow who’s spent his life on his hobby of invention.…

Item icon
114 - Edison of Anarchy

Terminating FlameQuantum FluxElectro Pulse

An inventor seemingly possessed by his own invention. Sees everyone…

Item icon
115 - Dancin' Fool

Dazzling SmokeSlow Step

Parties anywhere, anytime, to the point of being a public nuisance.…

Item icon
116 - Emperor of Funk

Twisted DanceWork That Body

A legendary dancer from the golden age of disco. His head-mounted…

Item icon
117 - Restless Otaku

Glowstick GashLaser Pointer

An otaku seeking the touch of an idol’s hand. Extremely wary…

Item icon
118 - Bag Toter

Glowstick GashExtreme Sarcasm

An otaku convinced he has magical powers. Chants bizarre spells…

Item icon
119 - Otaku-at-Arms

Glowstick GashEnergy BoostLaser Pointer

An otaku fully-clad in defensive gear to ward off thugs. Equipped…

Item icon
120 - Bobcutter

Sharp Screech

A stubborn beautician whose solution for any bad haircut is changing…

Item icon
121 - Bonsaienist

DismemberScissordanceSharp Screech

An obsessive gardener compelled to prune all vegetation he sees.…

Item icon
122 - Death Merchant

Dramatic OdachiSudden Stun Gun

An arms dealer in the underworld. He figures the best way to…

Item icon
123 - Forsaken Samurai

Hasty ShotgunDramatic OdachiBlackjack Beat

An armor-clad master of the art of war. Much to his sorrow, he…

Item icon
124 - Poacher Egghead


Poaches any marine life within easy reach. Often found submerged…

Item icon
125 - Spearheader

Sand Toss

A poacher who can stay underwater for quite a long time. Uses…

Item icon
126 - Shadow Diver

Sand TossCatch of the Day

A mysterious beach diver who works under cover of night. Also…

Item icon
127 - Pseudotrash

RummageUnhinged Undulation

Lives off dumpster diving. Disguises himself as a trash bag,…

Item icon
128 - Gifted Gatherer

RummageRummageUnhinged Undulation

Built a lucrative and fulfilling life out of collecting valuable…

Item icon
129 - Ramblin' Man

Dulcet Tones

A folk musician who roams the city singing. Being ignored everywhere…

Item icon
130 - Metal Headsman

Narcissist’s OutrageBlissful BreakHowl of the Soul

Obsessed with black metal, he calls himself the devil incarnate.…

Item icon
131 - Shaman

Sordid Curse

Using supernatural abilities, he casts hexes on the people around…

Item icon
132 - High Necromancer

Sordid CurseLethal CurseUnleash Hell

A master of the occult, he has a plethora of curses at his disposal.…

Item icon
133 - Dance Dictator

C’mon Bitches!

A dance instructor who delights in corporal punishment. Quick…

Item icon
134 - Slammed Dancer

C’mon Bitches!Showoff

A dancer nobody wants as a partner. Very opinionated, and inclined…

Item icon
135 - Dancing Madman

C’mon Bitches!ShowoffCoconut Chop

An industry legend. The earth rumbles and cracks with each step,…

Item icon
136 - Bogus Barney

Mental TrainingWipeout

Hits on every lady he sees. The surfboard looks snazzy, but it’s…

Item icon
137 - Wipeout Warrior

WipeoutMental TrainingSurf Tornado

An ill-mannered serial hit-and-runner known for board-thwacking…

Item icon
138 - Jaws of Death

WipeoutShark Tornado

A surfer addicted to the scent of blood. Where he surfs, the…

Item icon
139 - Lotionaut

Hot Rocket

This guy missed the suntanning boom. With sunscreen in hand,…

Item icon
140 - Half-Baked Blowhard

Get ToastyHot Rocket

A man who will take any excuse to show off his tanned skin. Coworkers…

Item icon
141 - Oiled Baron

Get ToastyHot RocketScorching Garb

A man saturated to his soul with UV rays. At night, he slips…

Item icon
142 - Bummer Strummer

Relaxing Beat

A ukelelist who demands a fee from tourists unlucky enough to…

Item icon
143 - Freakalele

Relaxing BeatCatastrophe Chord

A shady fellow strumming his ukelele in back alleys. Said to…

Item icon
144 - Strummageddon

Catastrophe ChordHealing ArpeggioDissonance of Destruction

A mythical ukelele player rarely spotted in public. His tune…

Item icon
145 - Baggage Claimer

Blinding Smoke

Makes a living off snatching unattended luggage and selling it.…

Item icon
146 - Hobby Robber

Blinding SmokeKiller TriggerStolen Drink

Uses black market connections to pawn rare stolen goods, mostly…

Item icon
147 - Krass Kringle

Killer TriggerStolen FoodSeason of Giving

A Christmas-hating criminal. Romantic dates and familial joy…

Item icon
148 - Blah Humbug

Killer TriggerMerry ChristmasStolen Food

A terrorist of unknown origin. Riddles houses with bullets, calling…

Item icon
149 - Clenchcoat

Ecstatic Harassment

A perv who lives for the thrill of flashing complete strangers.…

Item icon
150 - Traumatizer

Ecstatic HarassmentSamba de Roda

A perv who gets his jollies from wearing stolen undies and showing…

Item icon
151 - Barin' Von Lewd

Ecstatic HarassmentClimax SpinSamba de Roda

A consummate pervert. Horny for anything with a pulse. Doesn’t…

Item icon
152 - Wild Hog

Dinner Bell

A man driven to crime by his own hunger. A serial dine-and-dasher,…

Item icon
153 - Feast 'n Flyer

Dinner BellTantalize

A pest full of bogus excuses as to why he should get his meal…

Item icon
154 - Gorgin' Gourmand

Dinner BellTantalizeMeatier Meteor

An infamous crook also known as the Chefsbane. He’ll devour everything…

Item icon
155 - Sham Man Shaman

Heavenly PrayerCloudy Divination

Tells tourists’ fortunes unsolicited. Picks up random rocks off…

Item icon
156 - False Prophet

Thundercloud BeckoningLazy Divination

A con artist who uses ominous prophecies to extort “donations.”…

Item icon
157 - Monster Monastic

Lightning StrikeCloudy DivinationLazy Divination

Free from the cycle of life and death, he is said to commune…

Item icon
158 - Chucklehead

Call Comrade

A man who serves as a mascot of Chinatown. From behind his mask,…

Item icon
159 - Warhead

Call ComradeStampede Imminent

A wanted criminal using a mask to lay low. If anyone witnesses…

Item icon
160 - Death's-head

Call ComradeStampede Imminent

A Chinatown cryptid. Urban legend describes him as a man possessed…

Item icon
161 - Dead Meat

Bonecrushing Blow

A butcher who sells expired meat. Frequent source of food poisoning.…

Item icon
162 - Gutsripper

Bonecrushing BlowCarnivorous Feast

A butcher who dabbles in meats of unclear origin. Locals steer…

Item icon
163 - Bonecleaver

Bonecrushing BlowAnnihilateCarnivorous Feast

Lives alone, far from civilization. His home smells of dried…

Item icon
164 - Tag Scrag

Call the FellasSand Slip

A criminal who gets his kicks graffitiing local houses. His indecent…

Item icon
165 - Gas Giant

Call the FellasSand SlipFire Spray

A criminal armed with tear gas. He robs his victims with a practiced…

Item icon
166 - Pyromaniac

Sand SlipFire SpraySpray Release

An arsonist who wields aerosol cans. He’s only in it for the…

Item icon
167 - Beach Baller


A “street performer” wearing a giant beach ball. Bumps into tourists…

Item icon
168 - Basket Case


A man dressed as a giant basketball. When his team loses, he…

Item icon
169 - Stress Tester

Ball Stomp

A man dressed as a giant stress ball. Bouncy and good for knocking…

Item icon
170 - Party Fouler

Bubbly ShowerHealing Hop

An obnoxious college bro who parties on the beach all day and…

Item icon
171 - Hotstepper

Bubbly ShowerBubbly MaelstromHealing Hop

A college kid some call the Disco Commando. When tourists enter…

Item icon
172 - Tropical Star

Bubbly ShowerBubbly MaelstromRainbow Rondo

The radiant king of parties. Any parties he graces reach critical…

Item icon
173 - Newfaux Riche

Call BodyguardMillionaire’s Mirth

A man who got rich off illegal gambling. With enough money, he…

Item icon
174 - Plutocrat Rat

Call BodyguardAffluent AllureMillionaire’s Mirth

Stumbled into wealth through a fluke business success. His employees…

Item icon
175 - King of Bling

Call BodyguardAffluent AllureGenerous Tip

A magnate with vast amounts of cash. Rumors say he’s trying to…

Item icon
176 - Jabber Jobber

Knockout Express

A young boxer who challenges anyone he meets to a fight - even…

Item icon
177 - Penalty Boxer

Knockout ExpressKnockout Rocket

A dangerous boxer with a taste for using banned techniques. He’s…

Item icon
178 - Pandora's Boxer

Knockout ExpressGame FaceKnockout Rocket

A boxer who’s left countless corpses in his wake. Never holds…

Item icon
179 - Misdemeanor Wiener

Illegal Stun Gun

A fake police officer who stops citizens for random, baseless…

Item icon
180 - Bad Cop

Illegal Stun GunIllegal Taser

A thief guised as a police officer who breaks into random houses,…

Item icon
181 - Extermination-kun

Illegal Taser

The latest model of a bipedal security robot. Comes with a rocket…

Item icon
182 - Self-Proclaimed Witch

Comet Kick

An unhinged loon who insists he’s a magical heroine. Stole the…

Item icon
183 - Pretty Cur

Comet KickMeteor Cane

A man who thinks he’s been reborn as an anime heroine. Practices…

Item icon
184 - Sparkle Juggernaut

Comet KickMeteor CaneSuper Nova

Deluded himself into thinking he’s the world’s savior. Sees everyone…

Item icon
185 - Mad Mechanic

Drill Shock

An ex-mechanic turned car burglar. Uses his tools to break into…

Item icon
186 - Crafter Burner


A mechanic who specializes in gas welding. He can melt through…

Item icon
187 - Jetstream Samurai

Jet Stream

Wields waterjets with inhuman skill. His high-frequency jets…

Item icon
188 - Gardener Gnome

Herbicide Hazard

A gardener who does a sloppy job but still demands his fee. Complaints…

Item icon
189 - Groundsreaper

Herbicide HazardBloody Arc

A gardener whose skills are overshadowed by horrific rumors.…

Item icon
190 - Executioner

Herbicide HazardBloody ArcLife Reaper

Appears before those who have lost all hope. Not a shred of mercy…

Item icon
191 - Squirmworm


A man who’ll sleep anywhere. Camping prohibited? Doesn’t care.…

Item icon
192 - Thermworm


A chronic napper who can sleep just about anywhere, even under…

Item icon
193 - Sturmworm


A master of survival who can endure any environment with only…

Item icon
194 - Metalworm


A vagrant spotted all over the world. His true identity is unknown.…

Item icon
195 - Street Scrapper

Rain of Pain

An annoying guy who will take any excuse to pick a fight. Hits…

Item icon
196 - Challenger Approaching

Rain of PainStun Lariat

A street fighter in body and soul. He feels that his true calling…

Item icon
197 - Top Dog

Rain of PainStun LariatFight Night

The most feared man on the streets. His accessories are custom-designed,…

Item icon
198 - Shivver


A slasher who lurks in dark alleys. Enjoys cutting and stabbing…

Item icon
199 - Knife Twister

Heart GougeHaywire Havoc

A man who resents society. Seeing happy people drives him insane,…

Item icon
200 - Blood Shadow

Instill FearMad Cackle

A mysterious serial killer. No one knows how many he’s killed,…

Item icon
201 - Grass Snake

Mystery Pollen

A rogue florist dealing in illegally imported plants. Unabashedly…

Item icon
202 - Toxicreep

Bizarre PollenPhotosynthesis

A florist who cultivates illegal plants. Years of handling their…

Item icon
203 - Hemlock Doc

Mystery Pollen

A walking ecological disaster. His careless planting of invasive…

Item icon
204 - Clawpprentice

Predatorial Onslaught

A grunt from an overseas Chinese mafia. With Chinatown as his…

Item icon
205 - Clawfficer

Predatorial OnslaughtClaws of Fury

A commander of the low-level grunts of an overseas Chinese mafia.…

Item icon
206 - Clawmmander

Predatorial OnslaughtClaws of FuryGale Breath

A boss in a rapidly-expanding overseas Chinese mafia. Proficient…

Item icon
207 - Dojo Dumbass

Flying Kicks

A punk who thinks throwing a punch makes him a “martial artist”.…

Item icon
208 - Dojo Disgrace

Flying KicksInfernal Dance

A martial artist expelled from his dojo for beating up a newbie.…

Item icon
209 - Dojo Master

Chain KicksFlying KicksInfernal Dance

A martial arts master of multiple styles. Decades of training…

Item icon
210 - Batty Ballerino

Call Dancer

A ballerino desperate for a leading role. After seriously injuring…

Item icon
211 - Delusional Danseur

Call DancerMalevolent Masquerade

A dancer in pursuit of personal expression. When fully in the…

Item icon
212 - Abstracted Defiance

Call DancerSinful SpiralMalevolent Masquerade

A man who sold his soul to art. Every muscle is trained to perfection,…

Item icon
213 - Inked Blot

Talisman TattooToxic Fang

An unlicensed tattoo artist. Learned how to tattoo just by watching…

Item icon
214 - Inked Stain

Talisman TattooToxic Fang

An arrogant tattoo artist universally hated by his clients, as…

Item icon
215 - Modgoblin

Talisman TattooToxic FangFlying Tattoo

Believes he can transcend into a new species simply by embedding…

Item icon
216 - Quackpot


A doctor without a license to practice. Unreliable for diagnosis…

Item icon
217 - Postmortemiser


A man who eagerly dissects any corpse he sees. Such is his enthusiasm…

Item icon
218 - Dr. Crimson

Experimental InjectionSurginatorElectric Dissection

Once a luminary in his field. Now, he puts victims through torturous…

Item icon
219 - Masked Bandit

ThreatenTrigger Happy

A masked robber with a shotgun as his weapon of choice. Attacks…

Item icon
220 - Armed Assailant

ThreatenTrigger HappySleep Grenade

A radicalized member of a militant group. Abducts tourists and…

Item icon
221 - Boomstick Banneret

Trigger HappySleep GrenadeSaturation Bombing

A gun-crazy former mercenary. Addicted to violence, he dreams…

Item icon
222 - Gangpunk

Rep the Set

A ne’er-do-well who lives by shady means. Feared by the locals,…

Item icon
223 - Gangboss

Call the OGsRep the Set

A local gang leader. Fierce friends with his underlings, they’ll…

Item icon
224 - Ganglord

Fuck ’Em Up!Crazy Slash

A local gang overboss. Picks his battles and shows careful judgment,…

Item icon
225 - Contract Killer


A Hawaii-based hitman. He handles the entire process from killing…

Item icon
226 - Death Dealer

Wild Salvo

Director of an assassination ring. For the right price, he can…

Item icon
227 - Death Sentencer

Wild SalvoMerciless Barrage

Boss of an organization known for making things disappear - not…

Item icon
228 - Drunkabout

Pissed Pistol

A former desk jockey who bitches and moans, bottle in hand. Constantly…

Item icon
229 - Boozer Bruiser

Pissed PistolAlcohol Toss

An office worker. Totally shitfaced. He’s a violent drunk, and…

Item icon
230 - Bacchanalpha

Pissed PistolBinge Drinking

Drinks anything strong enough to give him a buzz, from disinfectant…

Item icon
231 - Bronze Agent

Dynamic Slam

A street performer who pretends to be a bronze statue. Steals…

Item icon
232 - Silver Sentinel

Dynamic SlamFull-Metal Tackle

A “statue” found near gates. Once passersby take their eyes off…

Item icon
233 - Golden Statesman

Full-Metal TackleLevitation Dance

A golden statue guarding a certain palace. Perfectly composed…

Item icon
234 - Coco Nutjob

Tropical TornadoCoco Comets

A palm-tree-dwelling eccentric. Rarely spotted, he drops coconuts…

Item icon
235 - Sand Bagger

Killer DigSand SpreaderSand Camouflage

Likes being buried a little too much. Uncanny hearing. Rarely…

Item icon
236 - Sewer Rat

Sewer’s EdgeKiller DigSand Camouflage

A sewer-dwelling kidnapper. Seals his victims deep underground,…

Item icon
237 - Rogue Rikishi

Ring OutSumo Spirit

A mean sumo wrestler known for bullying newbies. He’ll even pick…

Item icon
238 - Hateful Hakkeyoi

Ring OutSumo SpiritSalt Scatter

Head of an infamous sumo stable. Feeling threatened by promising…

Item icon
239 - Dosukoi Gigantes

Sonic ThrustRing OutSumo Spirit

A prominent figure in the sumo world with an unbroken winning…

Item icon
240 - Classless Clown

Juggling Pass

A clown working as a street performer. Frequently daydreams about…

Item icon
241 - Out-Of-Court Jester

Juggling PassLeg Spin

A clown known for dangerous performances. With no safety measures,…

Item icon
242 - Quarterwise

Pyro JugglingLeg SpinGuillotine Heel

A horror of fairy tales. It’s said if you make eye contact, it…

Item icon
243 - Wheeler Dealer

Stubborn SalesmanshipMicrowave Demo

A product demonstrator who draws in passersby with a witty sales…

Item icon
244 - Hard Sellmate

Stubborn SalesmanshipPressure Washer Demo

A fast-talking product demonstrator with tons of sales. His aggressive…

Item icon
245 - Demon-strator

Stubborn SalesmanshipBrush Burner Demo

A product demonstrator committed to selling out. Once he smells…

Item icon
246 - Stray Hangdog

Tear Apart

Lives on the streets, with only his fingernails to attack his…

Item icon
247 - Lone Wolf

Tear ApartChaos Claw

A bandit who roams the streets at night. Scratches victims’ faces…

Item icon
248 - Slycanthrope

Chaos ClawSeize the Prey

A criminal who lives to wreak carnage on the night of a full…

Item icon
249 - Gainz Chaser

Muscle BuildingCreatine Overload

A guy who’s getting into bodybuilding. Hogs the machines at the…

Item icon
250 - Dope Dope

Muscle BuildingCreatine Overload

Strayed to the dark side of bodybuilding. Not above using performance-enhancing…

Item icon
251 - Swolympiad

Muscle BuildingCreatine Overload

Musclebound star of the bodybuilding world. He has shed all mental…

Item icon
252 - Smokestacker

Nicotine Smog

A rude and crude smoker. Smokes in lieu of having a personality,…

Item icon
253 - Cigarevenant

Thick Smog

A heavy smoker, rarely without a cigarette. Nicotine withdrawals…

Item icon
254 - Nicotine Lich

Thick SmogSuspicious SmokeBubonic Smog

Unholy patron of a corrupt corp’s smoking area. Every time someone…

Item icon
255 - Crazy Heel

Guillotine DropBody Press

A heel wrestler who gets easily carried away. Too much hype makes…

Item icon
256 - Monster Heel

Guillotine DropRoaring QuakeBody Press

A heel who hits the ring like a hurricane. If his foe pisses…

Item icon
257 - Championship Wrecker

Roaring QuakeRising Corkscrew

An undefeated wrestling champion. Even former legends couldn’t…

Item icon
258 - Extreme Sportsman

Slug ShotBear Trap

A poacher who doesn’t care to get a hunting license. Kills purely…

Item icon
259 - Poach Roach

Slug ShotBear Trap

Infamous for hunting endangered species. Sells his catches on…

Item icon
260 - Big Endgame Hunter

Bear TrapBig Bad Bear Trap

A legendary hunter who always gets his mark. However, his reckless…

Item icon
261 - Blackmailer Daemon


Shakes down tourists for money. You can’t give this guy an inch,…

Item icon
262 - Cruel Cutpurse

ExtortionYou Don’t Want None

Picks fights with passersby to shake them down. Those who resist…

Item icon
263 - Dungeon Troll

ExtortionYou Don’t Want NoneDangerous Blade

A professional extortionist who drains his victims of cashflow……

Item icon
264 - Rebel Yeller


Considers himself a revolutionary, but doesn’t understand as…

Item icon
265 - Dissentry

Sand SlipFull Swing

A citizen with Opinions on the government. Violence is the only…

Item icon
266 - Unquiet Rioter

Sand SlipHigh VoltageCyclo Swing

A rioter who’s become the very thing he despised. Once an upstanding…

Item icon
267 - Dump Chump

Heavy Swing

Doesn’t know or care enough to properly dispose of his trash.…

Item icon
268 - Drumbanger

Heavy Charge

A worker who illegally disposes of industrial waste. Dumps all…

Item icon
269 - Tank Commander

Heavy SwingHeavy ChargeHeavy Blast

A worker who shoulders a huge barrel of dangerous chemicals.…

Item icon
270 - Pest Uncontrol

Adjust GadgetPesticide Shower

An exterminator who loathes insects - so much so that he frequently…

Item icon
271 - Verminferno

Adjust GadgetInsecticide InfernoInsecticide Bomb

An exterminator who really gets his rocks off killing bugs. “Kill…

Item icon
272 - Judgment Spray

Adjust GadgetInsecticide InfernoInsecticide Bomb

An extreme exterminator who dreams of total insect annihilation.…

Item icon
273 - Powered Tool


A man who illegally trespasses into wooded areas with chainsaw…

Item icon
274 - Lumber Jackass


A forester who fells trees with abandon, obsessed with his precious…

Item icon
275 - Pleatherface


Once you hear the rev of an engine nearby, it’s too late. He…

Item icon
276 - Squawk Jock

Call MosherGroup Shout

A singer who can’t stay on key to save his life. He’ll launch…

Item icon
277 - Vox Crapuli

Call MosherGroup ShoutScreeching Shout

A druggie who starts tweaking out mid-performance. In the course…

Item icon
278 - Angel of Megadeath

Call MosherScreeching ShoutGroup Cheer

The Crown Prince of Hell given flesh. At least, according to…

Item icon
279 - Masked Demonling

Crescent SlashIntimidating Dance

An assassin who dresses in theatrical dance garb. Uses his regular…

Item icon
280 - Profaner Demon

Crescent SlashIntimidating DanceSoaring Blade

A vengeance-obsessed murderer. He’ll kill anyone who bears the…

Item icon
281 - Weeping Archdemon

Crescent SlashIntimidating DanceDeathly Dance

A man whose burning hate transformed him into a living demon.…

Item icon
282 - Shinya Sasaki


A former member of Muroi Industries. Having trouble finding work,…

Item icon
283 - Crooked Cabbie

Battery ShockDesperate Swing

A taxi driver who can speak both English and Japanese. Though…

Item icon
284 - Roman Reynolds

PeacekeeperThin Blue LineBlindfire

A dirty cop in cahoots with the Barracudas who’s in charge of…

Item icon
285 - José Henderson


A homeless man who lives in District Five. Stronger than most…

Item icon
286 - Dwight Méndez

BonecutterMutilatorDeath Glare

Kingpin of the Barracudas, a Hawaiian gang. A badass by all appearances,…

Item icon
287 - Yutaka Yamai

Taste Steel

Patriarch of the Yamai Syndicate. Behind his daring smile, he’s…

Item icon
288 - Eiji Mitamura

BerateNo PressureCrisis Management

Mastermind of the Tatara Channel. Uses his natural knack for…

Item icon
289 - Wong Tou

PerforateHornet’s HiveVenom Slicer

Commander of the Ganzhe, a Chinese mafia. He runs an underground…

Item icon
290 - Masafumi Narasaki

Giant SlashClout ChaserBamboo Splitter

Seiryu Clan Lieutenant. Rules through fear. To him, his subordinates…

Item icon
291 - Jo Sawashiro

Tyrant’s CaneTyrant’s DispleasureTyrant’s Reproach

Former captain of the Arakawa Family under the Omi Alliance.…

Item icon
292 - Goro Majima

Rising SlashSpin Kick SlashTornado Slash

A battle-hungry fiend, always eager for more opponents. Gleeful,…

Item icon
293 - Taiga Saejima

Rush ComboDouble BackhandHerculean Toss

His greatest weapon is his sheer bodily strength. Every muscle…

Item icon
294 - Daigo Dojima

Quick ComboHeavy ComboFighting Stance

Former Sixth Chairman of the Tojo Clan. With his strength, he…

Item icon
295 - Bryce Fairchild

Mercy ShotGuns AblazeMassacre

The Sage of Palekana. Behind his virtuous facade, he has deep…

Item icon
296 - Masataka Ebina

Pierce the MuladharaWheel of SamsaraEternal Torment

Captain of the Seiryu Clan. Offers a helping hand to the yakuza,…

Item icon
297 - Heavy Machinery

Power PressSand BashEarthquake

A hydraulic excavator stationed at the Yamai Syndicate hideout.…

Item icon
298 - Tyrant of the Tides

Primeval PressSelachian ShriekApex Aggression

A ginormous shark of the deep. Extremely territorial, this beast…

Item icon
299 - Blessed Leviathan

Aqua BreathInk Burst

A monstrous squid in Palekana’s sacred land. Fed on human bodies,…

Item icon
300 - Legendary Excavators ft. Lam-chan & Lun-chan

Power ArmShock PressThunder Bash

Heavy machinery revitalized by electric catfish. Once out of…

Item icon
301 - Sojimaru v2.1

Bumper BlastGiant SlalomEmergency! Overheating!

Professor Okita poured his soul into fully upgrading his trusty…

Item icon
302 - Sojimaru Flying Beta Max

Aerial SlalomElectric DischargeAbduction

Professor Okita pulled out all the stops for this one. The tech’s…

Item icon
303 - Asakura

One-TwoStraight Left

A man addicted to street fights. A true sportsman, he can respect…

Item icon
304 - Sotaro Komaki

Leaping GazelleJawbone ClutchKomaki Stance

The legendary martial artist who trained Kazuma Kiryu. His skill…

Item icon
305 - Chau Ka Long

Lotus SliceVagrant SplitterEthereal Rupture

An underground arms dealer known in very specific parts of Ijincho.…

Item icon
306 - Yoshida

Heart GougeHaywire Havoc

A streamer who posts street fighting videos to the Yoshi Channel.…

Item icon
307 - Takuma

Wild Salvo

A streamer who manages the Yoshi Channel. He’s an amateur, so…

Item icon
308 - Utamaru

DisarmRapid FireDestructo Beam

A Geomijul officer looking into the Yokohama Dungeon. While polite,…

Item icon
309 - Robo Michio

Michio MakerChargingRobo Rocket

A crime-prevention robot and receptionist for the Hawaii Dungeon.…

Item icon
310 - Robo Michio (Seiryu)

Bubbly ShowerBubbly MaelstromRainbow Rondo

Part of the Robo Michio Divine Beasts series. Although its performance…

Item icon
311 - Robo Michio (Suzaku)

Trigger HappySleep GrenadeSaturation Bombing

Part of the Robo Michio Divine Beasts series. Numerous bugs were…

Item icon
312 - Robo Michio (Byakko)

Trance PowerViolent SpasmsExorcism

Part of the Robo Michio Divine Beasts series. Its many malfunctions…

Item icon
313 - Robo Michio (Genbu)

Lightning StrikeCloudy DivinationLazy Divination

Part of the Robo Michio Divine Beasts series. Known to eliminate…

Item icon
314 - Jo Amon

Leaping GazelleJawbone Clutch

From the Amon Clan, a mysterious group of assassins. Master of…

Item icon
315 - Kazuya Amon

Dragonslayer KickChain KicksFlying Kicks

He is the eldest of the three Amon brothers, all disciples of…

Item icon
316 - Jiro Amon

Assassin PunchRain of PainStun Lariat

The second eldest of the three Amon brothers. With fighting techniques…

Item icon
317 - Sango Amon

Flying KneeMercy ShotGuns Ablaze

The youngest of the three Amon brothers. His gunmanship was taught…