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No. 40 Memories of Four Shine Kamurocho

In-game Description

It was an honor and a pleasure to see Four Shine start anew in Tokyo. Feels like it’s put a little spring in my step as well. Yuki, Koyuki… Never stop shining, girls.


Return to Four Shine (north of Millennium Tower) after completing "No. 39 Memories of Koyuki" iconNo. 39 Memories of Koyuki and "No. 36 Memories of Yuki" iconNo. 36 Memories of Yuki (Yokohama).


Chapter 12


Tech +70, Yuki & Koyuki Poundmate, Yuki (A) Koyuki (B) as guests for Dondoko Island.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Kamurocho Map

X: 7430 Y: 6742
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