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Shrine of the Oracle Ruins


The "Shrine of the Oracle" iconShrine of the Oracle is an ancient Serpentment shrine located in the Volcano region. The only purpose it currently serves is a place where you can complete various daily challenges such as visiting the shrine, dancing at the shrine, or praying at the shrine.

In addition to the daily challenges, you can find a group of thralls at the shrine who can be subdued and brought back to your base. If you kill the thralls present, there’s a chance to spawn higher tier named thralls in their place.

You will find "Vathis the Hierophant" iconVathis the Hierophant at the Shrine of the Oracle. This NPC used to be obtainable as a thrall, but now serves only as an NPC who provides more information about the shrine.

Detailed Location(s)

The "Shrine of the Oracle" iconShrine of the Oracle is located in the southeast part of the Volcano biome, which itself is located in the northwest part of The Exiled Lands map.


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