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Sandswept Ruins Ruins

Detailed Location(s)

The "Sandswept Ruins" iconSandswept Ruins is found in the desert that border the Jungle Biome on K4. The Ruin is guarded by Scorpions and Sandbeasts.


The only item of value inside this place is the Heart of the Sands, which is one of the six artifacts the player needs if they intend to remove the Bracelet and complete the game’s storyline. You can buy this item from the NPC inside the Ruin called Petruso the Sandstorm Maniac.

You will need the following items to buy it:

  1. Jagged Scourgestone - "Gallaman's Tomb" iconGallaman’s Tomb
  2. Shatered Scourgestone - Buccaneer’s Bay "Captain’s Quarters" iconCaptain’s Quarters
  3. Broken Scourgestone - "The Passage" iconThe Passage

These pieces drop from the bosses in these respective areas.


Guarded by Sandbeasts and Scorpions.


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