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Koros the Brave Merchants

Detailed Location(s)

On the northern platform area of the "Flotsam" iconFlotsam Village in "Buccaneer Bay" iconBuccaneer Bay, which itself is located in the far northeast of the Exiled Lands map.

Additional Information

You can take the Shoebill "Egg" iconEgg to an animal pen at your base to raise a Shoebill pet.


You can purchase a Shoebill "Egg" iconEgg from "Koros the Brave" iconKoros the Brave for 10 "Gold Coin" iconGold Coins.


A "Sorcerer" iconSorcerer on this platform is aggro for some reason, and can attack you and other NPCs who are neutral on this platform. You may also need to fight other Black Hand Pirates in this area, as well as Tamed "Panther" iconPanthers to access the catwalk to this platform.


Interactive Map Locations

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