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Khitan Exiled Trader Merchants


There are two Khitan Exiled Traders who can be found at "Mek-kamoses" iconMek-kamosesSpire in the Exiled Lands map. You’ll find them stood either side of Mek-kamoses, who as of the Age of War Chapter 2 update has been reduced to a talking head in a basket.

You can trade with the Khitan Exiled Traders by providing them with either 15 "Blood Crystal" iconBlood Crystals or one Severed Head of Kurak. In both cases you’ll get an Ophidian Magi’s Cache in return, which can be opened to reveal a random quantity of the following materials:

You can see our page on How to Get Blood Crystals, but the Severed Head of Kurak will need to be obtained from the Kurak dungeon, which can be accessed from the platform located just to the right of the Khitan Exiled Traders.

Detailed Location(s)

You’ll find the Khitan Exiled Traders at "Mek-kamoses" iconMek-kamosesSpire in the Exiled Lands. This is located just to the northeast of The "Unnamed City" iconUnnamed City, southeast of "New Asagarth" iconNew Asagarth, or almost directly north from "The Summoning Place" iconThe Summoning Place.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Conan Exiles Map - The Exiled Lands

X: 4907 Y: 7845

There are two "Khitan Exiled Trader" iconKhitan Exiled Traders at this location.

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