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Ignatius the Greedy Merchants

Detailed Location(s)

On the "Flotsam" iconFlotsam area closest to the south, pressed up against the cliff wall. You can access this area by climbing the Cliffside if you enter the Bay from the south, or by climbing the cloth sails that act as cover on the beach towards the cliffside area.

Additional Information

The Sand Reaper "Egg" iconEgg that you purchase from Ignatius can be raised as a pet in an Animal Pen at your base.


You can purchase a Sand Reaper "Egg" iconEgg for 10 "Gold Coin" iconGold Coins from "Ignatius the Greedy" iconIgnatius the Greedy.


The NPC is guarded by multiple hostile "Black Hand Spy Fighter" iconBlack Hand Spy Fighters and "Black Hand Spy Archer" iconBlack Hand Spy Archers. Make sure your have solid weapons, armor, health potions and more before trying to access this NPC.


Interactive Map Locations

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