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The Highway Caves


"The Highway" iconThe Highway is a region located in the lands of snow and ice in the northwest part of The Exiled Lands map. It marks a transition point between the cold, snowy climate where it starts and the hot, volcano biome to the north. The path is marked by stone obelisks, so it’s difficult to miss.

You’ll find a number of tough enemies along The Highway path, most prominently "White Dragon" iconWhite Dragon mini-bosses.

Detailed Location(s)

Found in the H12 map tile of the Exiled Lands. This cave loads you into the southeast side of the Volcano.


  • Dragon (Snow 2 skull threat)


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Conan Exiles Map - The Exiled Lands

X: 5638 Y: 4484

Leads to the Volcano

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