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The Barrow King Caves

Detailed Location(s)

"The Barrow King" iconThe Barrow King is a very small open world dungeon that players can find inside a vaulted cave in the Hinterlands. The coordinates for this location is A 11. Players will need "Demon Blood" iconDemon Blood on their character to enter and open the cave door. Inside you will find a ghostly glow, with a tall, undead king inside.


There are no natural resources inside the cave. However, you can get loot from the boss, and a guaranteed knowledge from a stone tablet.


Inside the cave is one stone tablet on the floor, on the left side of the room as you face the Undead King from the entrance. Interacting with the tablet awards the player with a Vanquisher of the King Beneath


The only enemy inside the King, which is a 3 skull tier enemy. This is like bosses you find inside of Dungeons.


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