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Scuttler's Shortcut Caves

Detailed Location(s)

In the top right corner of the of map tile F7 on the Exiled Lands map.

This connects with the "Weaver's Hollow" iconWeaver’s Hollow cave, as both caves lead to the Spider Boss at the summoning stone.



  • Speak to "Harpagus the Hatcher" iconHarpagus the Hatcher near the spider boss to learn the Nest of Zath religion.
  • There’s containers on top of the spikes above the Demon spider boss room. These contains a Red or Blue "Crystal" iconCrystal. Put these crystals in the chest next to the spider boss to get a black and white dye.


  • Spiders
  • Spider Boss - Roughly 4500 HP.
  • "Salamander" iconSalamander


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