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Lockstone Cave Caves

Detailed Location(s)

On the border of H9 / H10 in the Hinterlands. This cave entrance is marked by the lit bonfire just below the snowy mountains.


"Demon Blood" iconDemon Blood
"Feral Flesh" iconFeral Flesh
"Feather" iconFeather
"Black Blood" iconBlack Blood - harvested from the Demon boss.


  • Fragment of Power - drop from the demon.
  • "Skeleton" iconSkeleton Key - opens the chest near the Jhill Demon
  • Scroll (Specialist Ammunition) - Teaches you Firespark Arrow, Acid Arrow, Smoke Arrow
  • Zhaibar Knives - 45 damage, 185 armor pen legendary bleeding knives you can loot from the chest in the boss room.



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