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Hanuman's Grotto Caves

Detailed Location(s)

"Hanuman's Grotto" iconHanuman’s Grotto is a small cave found on the H3 map tile in the starting desert area.


One of the densest locations for "Crystal" iconCrystals in the game. Either interact to extract them, or use better quality picks to mine them for more. You can also get a lot of "Demon Blood" iconDemon Blood early on by harvesting the corpse of the easily beaten Imps, "Hide" iconHide, "Feral Flesh" iconFeral Flesh and "Bone" iconBones.


Chance to get the Boon of the "Gorilla" iconGorilla by offer the Withered Heart, which guarantees drop from "Valis the Loyal" iconValis the Loyal, a three skull boss at the end of the cave. This can award you a Gorilla Pet.



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