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Boar Shoat Pets


"Boar Shoat" iconBoar Shoats are baby Boars, which you can pick up and place inside an Animal Pen to feed and mature. These creatures then have an opportunity to morph into either a Boar or a Greater Boar, depending on luck.

Conan Exiles Boar Food

Boars are vegetarian animals, and will eat almost any form of mushroom truffle, berry or plant fiber you throw at them. However, they have better chances to turn into Greater Boars if you feed them higher tier meals. Below is a list of food you can feed boars in "Conan" iconConan Exiles, and the percentage chance of them turning into Greater Boars, rather than regular Boars.

The general consensus is that mushrooms are better food sources for Boars (makes sense really), and adding Shadespiced onto their diet will increase their percentages of becoming a Greater Boar by roughly 10%. If you fancy your chances at a Greater Boar, then adding Shadespiced to your mushrooms are generally the better play. Note the percentage chances are rough estimations, rather than hard fact, thanks to luck being a factor in this.

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