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Counting House Baldur's Gate

Category iconDescription

The "Counting House" iconCounting House serves as a sub-location within the sprawling city of Baldur’s Gate. Situated in the Lower City, it boasts an array of features, including vaults, safes, and high-security areas.


The "Counting House" iconCounting House - Vaults

Notes / Other Information

  • Use Water + "Lightning" iconLightning at the end of the Vault to disable the gate leading to the lower level.
  • Numerous keys for various vaults and safes can be found throughout Baldur’s Gate city.
  • Accessing safes might require teleportation spells like Dimension Door or "Misty Step" iconMisty Step.
  • High-security Vault Code: 1-3-5-6
  • A tadpole specimen is present in High-security safe No.6.

Counting House Vaults and Keys Locations

There are regular vault keys and high-security vault keys to be found:

  • "Counting House" iconCounting House Vault n1 Key from Captain Grisly, obtained at the Blushing Mermaid basement.
  • Counting House Vault n2 Key from Jannath.
  • Counting House Vault n3 Key from Cazador’s Coffin.
  • Counting House Vault n4 Key from Water Queen’s House, found in a chest in the restricted area upstairs.
  • Counting House Vault n5 Key from Gortash’s Safe, hidden behind a painting.
  • Counting House Vault n7 Key from Nine-Fingers Keene, can be pickpocketed (requires a 7 Sleight of Hand Check).
  • Counting House Vault n8 Key from Jewellery Box, found at the Cloister of Sombre Embrace.
  • Counting House Vault n9 Key pickable from Rakath Glitterbeard’s pocket.
  • Safe keys for Counting House Safes #1 to #8 from various sources including Szarr Palace, Heapside Prison, Smuggler’s house, and more.


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