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Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

Kings of Sparta

Scott Peers

This quest consists of two main support quests; ‘Bully the Bullies’ and ‘One Bad Spartan Spoils the Bunch’. You should begin with the former and speak with Myrrine.

Bully the Bullies

Myrrine is located a short distance to the south, beside the statue of Leonidas. Speak with her to initiate a cut scene, at the end of which Puasanias, a king of Sparta, will approach and speak with you. Navigate the dialogue options until Puasanias suggests that you find and kill three rogue Krypteia. The nearest can be found north of the statue of Leonidas. Be sure to explore the viewpoint at the Temple of Athena, which can be found to the north west, along the way. When you approach your target you will note that he is located in the Leader House. You can use the meditate feature to wait until night falls, at which point you will be able to climb the house with a reduced possibility of being seen. From the top of the house you will be able to use Ikaros to locate the target. You can then assassinate him by jumping from the roof. When he is dead, make your way out of the house as soon as possible.

With the first target dead, make your way south east toward the next, which can be found at the border of the Helot Hills. When you are within range, use Ikaros to identify their precise location. You will note a small rock face as you approach from the north west. Stand atop it and use your bow to assassinate the target. If you aim for the head and use Predator Shot, it should kill him instantly. If you must kill him in melee, approaching him will cause a small number of guards to flock to his side. The fight will not be a difficult one, but be careful not to harm any surrounding innocents as you kill the guards.

The final target can be found north east of the Helot Hills, on Zarax Point. Explore the viewpoint at Helot Lookout on your way there. When you arrive at the Fort of Praisai, use Ikaros to identify the location of your target. You will find him in a building in the north west of the fort. The fort is heavily defended, but if you meditate until night falls you will be able to infiltrate it from above and enter the room to assassinate your target before enough guards can flock to you. Note that you will have to take out two guards who guard entrance to the building before you can take your target. This is done most effectively by killing them with headshots using the bow.

When the final target is dead, the quest will complete.

One Bad Spartan Spoils the Bunch

The Spartan traitor and the weapons he is amassing can be found at a quarry south west of the city of Sparta. If you approach the quarry from the west, you can first ascend Mount Taygetos to experience the highest view in the game. When you’re ready, approach the quarry and use Ikaros to identify your target and any surrounding guards. You will not be able to identify each weapon rack. Use the meditation feature until night falls to allow easier access to the quarry. You will find the traitor patrolling around the north east of the quarry. When he is stationary below the cliff edge, attempt an assassination from above and finish him off on the ground. You can then climb back up the cliff before any guards arrive to investigate.

Next you will have to deal with the weapon racks. Use a torch to burn them either by throwing the torch at the rack or executing a basic attack with torch in hand. The racks can be found in the following locations, and a marked with small arrows (though not on the map):

  • Atop a platform in the south east of the quarry.
  • Opposite a stone lifting mechanism (crane) in the north east.
  • At the back of a storage area in the south of the quarry.
  • Within a tent near the entrance from the north east.
  • In the deepest part of the quarry in the south west.

Once you have destroyed all of the weapon racks, the support quest will complete and you can meet Brasidas to continue with ‘Kings of Sparta’. Here you will simply meet the two kings of Sparta and request the rights to your land. Be sure to please the kings and do not be confrontational. When you are done the quest will complete.

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