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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Developers: Owlcat Games
Publishers: Owlcat Games
Engine: Unity
Platforms: PS5, Steam, XB X|S
Genres: RPG

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What is Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader?

Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader is an upcoming classic RPG set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, developed by Owlcat Games in close partnership with Games Workshop, the creators of the Warhammer 40k tabletop game. In this game, players take on the role of a Rogue Trader, an intrepid explorer and entrepreneur, navigating the perilous Koronus Expanse, a region of space filled with untold dangers and opportunities.

The game is set in the 41st millennium, a dystopian future where humanity is embroiled in a constant state of war and conflict. As a Rogue Trader, you will command your own giant voidship, embarking on journeys across the Koronus Expanse, encountering a wide range of challenges, from Imperial subjects to xenos threats. The warp, a mysterious and treacherous dimension, adds another layer of danger to your travels.

Within the Koronus Expanse, various noble houses and privateering families vie for power and control, and you’ll have to navigate the intricate web of political intrigue and dark secrets they hold. Your decisions and actions throughout the game will have a significant impact on the open world and its inhabitants, allowing for a deep and immersive role-playing experience.

To aid you on your journey, you’ll assemble a diverse crew of companions, each with their own unique abilities and backgrounds. These companions will be crucial in combat, which is isometric and turn-based, requiring strategic thinking, positioning, and clever use of the environment. The game also introduces a concept of Heroic Acts, powerful abilities that can be unlocked through effective leadership on the battlefield.

Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader promises a rich and immersive experience within the Warhammer 40k universe, allowing players to explore, make choices that matter, and engage in challenging tactical combat. It’s a must-play for fans of the Warhammer franchise and those looking for an engaging RPG set in a dark and dystopian future.


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Rogue Trader is very much a release in the Owlcat Games mould, combining a great degree of customization with a solid story, meaningful choices, and interesting characters. While all that, combined with excellent use of the Warhammer 40,000 setting, comes perilously close to pushing Rogue Trader into the greatest realm of CRPGs, unfortunate balance issues, obtuse design elements, and myriad bugs prevent the title from achieving its full potential.

Nathan Garvin

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