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Riftstone of Noontide Riftstone


Find female pawns of large stature.

Items for sale


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. World Map

X: 8325 Y: 5706

Located next to the "Campsite" iconCampsite along the small western road towards "Trevo Mine" iconTrevo Mines, just north of "Rivage Cavern" iconRivage Cavern. Reward: 30 RC upon activation.

Marker screenshot

2. World Map

X: 8334 Y: 3918

Next to the campsite by the ruins.

Marker screenshot

3. World Map

X: 4698 Y: 7199

Continue along the same rockface as the seeker token. This riftstone is one level higher.

Marker screenshot

4. Unmoored World (Post Game) Map

X: 2378 Y: 3469
Marker screenshot

5. Unmoored World (Post Game) Map

X: 4191 Y: 2720

Next to the "Campsite" iconCampsite by the edge of the cliff.

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