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Break Yurgir's Contract Sub-Quest

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Break Yurgir’s Contract is a sub-quest of Kill Raphael’s Old Enemy quest in Act Two of Baldur’s Gate 3. It can be started by speaking with Yurgir in the Gauntlet of Shar and agreeing to help him break his contract.

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  • Kill Raphael’s Old Enemy


  • Investigate the Gauntlet of Shar for clues.
    • The orthon is bound by Raphael’s contract and seeks a way to free himself from it.
    • We came upon a mysterious ritual site. It seems one of the orthon’s targets has assumed a new shape.
    • We spoke to the pile of corpses that serves as the orthon’s bed. It mentioned that the orthon’s last target is now ‘many’.
    • We learned that the rats in the Gauntlet of Shar are actually one, single person - a man called Lyrthindor.
  • Deal with the Last Justiciar.
    • We discovered that the Last Justiciar’s body was disassembled into a swarm of rats. Now that he’s returned to his true form, we can kill him.
  • Return to Yurgir.
    • We have dealt with the Last Justiciar, whose body had disassembled into a swarm of rats. Yurgir’s contract can now be ended.
  • We helped the orthon break free from his contract - but it seems that Raphael had already planned for the outcome.
  • We moved on before we could break the orthon’s contract.
  • We killed the orthon without resolving his contract.
  • We told the rat that we would leave them alone.
  • We made a deal with the rats. In return for being left alone, they told us about a cache of hidden treasure.
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