Dror Ragzlin's Key Quest Items

Item Type

Icon for Key Key

Category iconLore

Though made of silver and lavishly embellished, this aged key is black with grime and neglect.

Category iconDescription

The Dror Ragzlin’s Key, crafted from silver and adorned with intricate decorations, bears signs of neglect and grime.

Notes / Other Information

The key is designed to unlock a substantial locked vault (X: 296, Y: 63) situated behind the chamber where Dror Ragzlin is located. This chamber is within the Shattered Sanctum, where Dror Ragzlin is engaged in attempting to cast "Speak with Dead" iconSpeak with Dead on a deceased Mind Flayer.

Location / Where to Find

This key can be acquired by pickpocketing or looting Dror Ragzlin within the Shattered Sanctum.


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