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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Two Taverns and a Crossed Witcher

Nathan Garvin
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Important Items in this Area
Impera Brigade Card
Young Emissary Card
Francesca Findabair, Daisy of the Valley Card
Havekar Healer Card
Scorch Card
Impera Brigade Card
Young Emissary Card
Havekar Healer Card
Mahakaman Defender Card
Gwent Players in this Area
Innkeep - Random Card
Innkeep - Random Card

Cunny of the Goose

From the Glory Gate signpost outside of Novigrad follow a road along the shore to the east. Pass some houses to the south, then also pass by another road running south. When you reach a second fork, if you head north you’ll find another bridge leading to Novigrad, but for now you want to go south until you find the “Cunny of the Goose” signpost near a lake.

Loot around the inn, as there’s plenty of nice alchemical and crafting components here, then head inside. You can talk to Brean Hotsch, who is involved in the quest “Contract: Lord of the Wood” quest, but you need not bother just yet. Instead, talk to the Innkeeper and play Gwent with him. He’s got a competent Scoia’tael deck that can actually make use of some “Muster” combos, but it’s nothing a good Northern Kingdoms deck can’t just over-power. Be sure to buy some cards from him, too, including an “Impera Brigade” card, a “Young Emissary” card, the “Francesca Findabair, Daisy of the Valley” card, a “Havekar Healer” card and a “Scorch” card. The latter card will be restocked until you’ve accumulated three of them. You can also find an Herbalist who likes to hang outside of the tavern, although he doesn’t sell anything worthwhile.

Guarded Treasure (Level 18)

Leave the tavern and head down a road to the south, along the eastern side of the lake south of Cunny of the Goose. Keep following this road south until you find a Guarded Treasure along another road to the south-east, which once led to Hindhold. Here you’ll find a Wyvern (level eighteen) guarding a treasure chest that’s lying in some water. Kill the beast, then take its treasure.

A Wyvern lords over a small swamp (left). If you defeat it, you can claim its treasure (right).

Monster Nest (Level 6)

Head along a road to the south-west to find a Monster Nest, guarded by a group of Rotfiends (level six) near some huts. Kill the Rotfiends and blow up their nest and kill the strong Rotfiend (level five) that emerges. Once you pop that one, loot the nest, then search a around the huts for a variety of containers that can be looted.

Objective Reward
For destroying the Monster Nest 20 XP

Kill the Rotfiends (left) then destroy their nest (right). Poetic justice, really.

Now to sum up the rest of this island, as there’s really not much left of interest. In the fields north-east of Cunny of the Goose you might come across another Noonwraith (level fifteen) or Nightwraith (level fifteen, depending on the time of day. These critters fights in an identical fashion to every other Noonwraith/Nightwraith you’ve encountered thus far. Along the south-eastern corner of the island you can find a Redanian outpost, south of which you’ll find discarded military equipment, now guarded by Drowners (level nine) and Wolves (level five). Just west of the bridge connecting this island to a larger landmass to the east you’ll find the “Eternal Fire Shrine” signpost.

Seven Cats Inn

North-east of Cunny of the Goose you’ll find a bridge crossing some water to the north, beyond which you’ll find the “Seven Cat’s Inn”. Head inside the Inn and talk to the Innkeep, who will play Gwent with you. She’s got a fairly powerful Northern Kingdoms deck; expect to see her play “Commander’s Horn” cards, plenty of “Spy” cards, strong Hero cards, and she can evil pull out the rare “Tight Bond” combo… essentially a weaker version of the sort of deck you could be playing right now.

Once you beat her, buy the following cards from her: “Impera Brigade” , “Young Emissary” , “Havekar Smuggler” and “Mahakaman Defender” . Between her and the innkeeper at the Cunny of the Goose your Nilfgaardian deck has seen a significant power increase, not to mention your Scoia’tael deck, which now should have a few nice “Muster” combos.

When you’re done inside the inn head outside and check out the notice board, where Geralt will comment on the unrelenting mundanity of the posts thereon. As he does so, a man will nail up another notice, and instead of waiting for him to be done and just reading it, Geralt pesters the man about it’s contests. Something nasty in the sewers - seems like Witcher’s work. This starts “Evil’s Soft First Touches” , a level thirty-two quest, and the start of the “Hearts of Stone” DLC. It’ll be a while before you need to bother with that. If you nab the notice “A Runewright Upon Your Shores Has Landed” you can read it to start the quest “Enchanting: Start-up Costs” , another high-level “Hearts of Stone” quest you can safely ignore.

Out in the fields you can find a Noonwraith (during the day) or a Nightwraith (during the night) (left). The Innkeep at the Seven Cats Inn plays Gwent and sells Gwent cards (right).

Smugglers Cache

Head north from the Seven Cat’s Inn until you reach the spot where three roads converge into one. At this point veer off the road to the west and dive into the water, where you’ll find a “Smuggler’s Cache” event. Grab the free loot. Smugglers don’t deserve to keep their caches.

Guarded Treasure (Level 8)

Swim north, under the bridge that connects the nonhuman district of Novigrad to the land north of the Seven Cat’s Inn. Keep swimming north until you reach a small village outside of Novigrad named “Arette”. Land at or near a mill and be sure to get the signpost here. There’s a quest you can start nearby, but before you bother head north-east from Arette to discover a marsh where a “Guarded Treasure” event can be found. Murder the woefully under-leveled Water Hag (level eight) then search for a treasure chest, near which are some sacks and two corpses that can be looted.

Following the Thread - Part 1 (Level 11) Walkthrough

Return to Arette and head to the south-west to find a small bridge that leads to Novigrad’s largest - and central - district. Near this bridge is a rather impressive stone mill house. Head around to the south-eastern side of the building and activate your Witcher Sense to find some blood on the deck outside of the building. Head inside and you’ll hear the sounds of combat. Upstairs you’ll find a man fighting an Ekimmara (level eleven). Give him a hand and put down the lesser vampire, after which you’ll talk to your fellow monster slayer, who just so happens to be a fellow Kaer Morhen-trained Witcher, Lambert. He’s got important business drawing him to Novigrad (which he won’t elaborate on) but he promises you half of the reward, presumably for the Ekimmara that you killed.

Part 2 comes much later, largely thanks to its involvement much alter on in the Skellige main story region.

Objective Reward
For helping Lambert defeat the Ekimmara 50 XP

Help Lambert defeat the Ekimarra (left) then go with him to deal with some unfinished business… (right)

You’ll automatically go to collect the reward with Lambert, but things don’t turn out quite so simple. After Lambert yells about some “Jad Karadin”, he chases his presumed employer off and leaves you to fend off three Guards (level eleven). Kill them, then loot the area, as there are two chests nearby, one under a wagon, and another sandwiched between two crates. Once done, head south-east into a building, where you’ll witness Lambert finish his business with the man he chased earlier. Afterwards he’ll tell you to meet him back at the Seven Cats Inn… and little else. Loot the building then leave-you’re now along the northern end of the nonhuman district of Novigrad, just south of the “Southern Gate” signpost.

Before you head off to meet Lambert, return to the mill and loot the place - no need to let a perfectly good Ekimmara go to waste, especially if you’re after that Ekimmara Mutagen so you can brew up and Ekimmara Decoction. Once done, return to the Seven Cat’s Inn to find Lambert waiting outside. Talk to him and learn the whole sad story behind his erratic behavior, then the two of you will head into the inn to speak to Vienne. Play nice and get all the information you need; seems that she knows precious little, but she knows people who might know more. Unfortunately to continue this quest Geralt will have to head to Skellige… so needless to say this quest will be put it on the back-burner for now. How come Geralt has to go to Skellige while Lambert gets to deal with Selyse and her brothel, anyways? Hardly seems fair… Anyways, decide Vienne’s fate after getting what little info you can out of her, although she won’t go down without a fight, and she’ll drag some Elves (level eleven) into the fray.

Objective Reward
For chatting with Vienne and leaving peacefully 80 XP
For chatting with Vienne and picking a fight 50 XP
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"no need to let a perfectly good Ekimmara go to waste, especially if you’re after that Ekimmara Mutagen so you can brew up and Ekimmara Decoction"

I dont' have any remanings of Ekimmara at this place. But I've already brew decoction earlier, that why it's not a problem.

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"no need to let a perfectly good Ekimmara go to waste, especially if you’re after that Ekimmara Mutagen so you can brew up and Ekimmara Decoction"

I dont' have any remanings of Ekimmara at this place. But I've already brew decoction earlier, that why it's not a problem.

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