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A massive C Class ship exclusive to Stroud-Eklund and given to you by Stroud during the "Overdesigned" iconOverdesigned Mission. Due to its size, the "Kepler R" iconKepler R features a massive 3550 Cargo Capacity and comes with 2800 Fuel, enough for even the longest journeys. As this is a C Class ship, you’ll need to ensure you’ve upgraded the "Piloting" iconPiloting skill so you can actually fly it. The Kepler R is exclusive to a single playthrough, you must choose between it and the Kepler S (a B Class ship).

Location / Where to Find

  • This ship is a reward from the "Overdesigned" iconOverdesigned Mission, which is not available until after you’ve completed the A "High Price to Pay" iconHigh Price to Pay Main Mission (you may need to progress the story a little more following the events here so that Walter Stroud is approachable again). This will eventually lead you to the "Stroud-Eklund Staryard" iconStroud-Eklund Staryard where the Mission will begin, this is one of two possible ships you can choose as a reward.

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