Minecraft is a good looking game but it is far from a spectacular looking one. If you’re playing on Xbox or pocket then you’ll have to accept this as fact but if you’re playing on PC then the following modifications all get the GamerGuides ‘pretty’ seal of approval!


This mod doesn’t look like it does anything but that doesn’t make it any less of a necessity. In fact this mod is arguably the most important extension you can grab because its focus is entirely honed in on the performance of Minecraft, ensuring that it will work better and be more compatible with other modifications you may want to add.

Download it from here.

Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders for Minecraft

Youll need a strong PC to run this mod to its maximum potential but its a great way to realise the visuals true potential.

If you want to make Minecraft look good, plain and simple, then this is the mod you need. Sonic Ether’s pack doesn’t change any of the basic textures, it simply makes everything in the game look gorgeous, plain and simple, through infinitely improved lighting, shadows, and a far improved draw distance.

Download from here.

Minecraft Ultimate Graphics Modification

worthwhile graphical upgrade.

If you find the unbelievable shader mod to be a little overpowering or demanding then the ultimate graphics modification is the next best thing. This mod adds some extremely nice shadowing effects to your game that really brings the world of Minecraft to life.

Download from here.

Aurora Rubealis

Its nice to add a little visual spice to your game…

The Aurora Borealis is a real world phenomenon that involves highly charged electrons from the solar wind interacting with elements in the earth’s atmosphere. It’s very pretty, and mystifying. This visual mod adds a similar visual effect to your game of Minecraft that will appear in the northern part of the map. A lovely effect, and a nice ocular present should you find yourself accidentally outside at night. Stop going outside at night.

Download from here.


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