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Final Fantasy IX
Strategy Guide

First Published: 28-04-2019 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:25 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 04-06-2020 / 11:37 GMT

Final Fantasy IX Guide

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Trophy/Achievement Guide

Trophy/Achievement Roadmap

Step 1 - Play Through Game Normally

First and foremost, Final Fantasy IX has a good number of missable trophies/achievements, so it's going to be important to keep multiple saves throughout the game. It's extremely helpful to keep a guide handy of all of the possible missables, with the bigger ones requiring a full playthrough of the game again. These are Another Man's Treasure, requiring you to reach Rank S Treasure Hunter, and Movie Critic, which is related to viewing all of the Active Time Events. Other missable trophies/achievements include the following:

  • A Round of Applause
  • A-Hunting We Will Go
  • Beating the Ragtime Blues
  • Dragon Lady
  • Driving the Hard Bargain
  • Found in the Shuffle
  • Mister Nice Guy
  • My Little Airship
  • Out of Harm's Way
  • Over the Moon
  • Peek-A-Boo
  • The One Ring
  • The Ultimate Sword
  • Track Star

It should be noted that the boosters available from pausing the game do not affect trophies/achievements, but the other ones available in the menu do, so don't use them.

Step 2 - The Grind

Once you have gotten the above trophies/achievements and finished the game, go back using that same save and it's time to grind out any other remaining trophies/achievements. Ideally, you want to get the Bloodlust trophy/achievement at this point, although you can always take a break from it to do other things. You will also want to try and get the 100 Tetra Master wins at this point, too.

Step 3 - The Excalibur II

Welcome to the speedrunning trophy for Final Fantasy IX, where you need to reach the Lich boss fight in the final dungeon (and beat him) in under 12 hours. Do that and you will be able to find the Excalibur II in that very room. Note that you have to grab the sword before the timer is up, so don't sit around after defeating Lich. You can go about this in one of two ways, with boosters or without them. If you choose to not use the boosters, then you are going to need to do some planning and forgo anything optional for the most part. With the boosters, at least the speed up one, you will have a lot of leeway and might be able to squeeze other content into the game. Once you pick up the Excalibur II, then you will receive the trophy/achievement.

Step 4 - Cleaning Up

This last step is to clean up any remaining trophies you might have not gotten in the above steps. It can include any missables, as well as the more annoying ones, like having someone afflicted with all of the positive buffs/negative ailments. You should get all of the achievements/the platinum trophy upon finishing this step.

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