Crystalguard Campsite

With a long road still ahead of them, Yew and Janne set up camp along with the Crystalguard remnants, while Nikolai returns to Gathelatio to treat the wounded. In the middle of the night, Yew arises from slumber after hearing a harrowing scream.

When you regain control, you’ll be in the Southeast part of Pilgrim’s Grove, near where you left off. However, it’s the dead of night and Yew is all alone. Fortunately, no monsters are around, so patiently head west back to the Southwest part of the grove.

On the other side, you’ll find Janne and a Crystalguard member lying down on the floor. Speak to Janne to discover what’s happened… Eventually, a prompt will appear on the bottom screen; press the X button to speak into the pendant and listen to Agnes’s sage advice.

Afterwards, Yew somehow manages to escape from danger, ending up near the entrance of Pilgrim’s Grove. Right now, there’s little you can do, so exit the grove to the west.

Looking for Nikolai

Think you’ve got an amazimg killer move? Why not send it for others to enjoy?

Back outside on the world map, now that Yew has Agnes’s pendant, the game will teach you about the Summon Friend mechanic.

Like in Bravely Default, you can summon characters belonging to friends or guests to unleash a powerful ability during battle. But first, you can’t summon friends without sending something yourself…

Sending a Friend Summon : In battle, whenever you feel like sending help, select the fifth action “ Summon Friend “, then “ Send “. You should notice the menu border has changed, indicating you’re ready to send.

Now select an action to send; you can send any action except Brave, Default and Run. For best results, we recommend picking a Special Move. However since you don’t have access to Special Moves right now, simply pick your best attack or ability. For now, just “Attack” will do.

Once your character finishes performing the action you picked to send, your character will throw Agnes’s pendant in the air, which means your action was successfully recorded. Then after the battle is over, your profile will be automatically updated with your new sent move–your Friend Summon.

From that point onwards, any Bravely Second players you swap profiles with via StreetPass or the Internet will receive your Friend Summon. In exchange, you will receive Friend Summons from anybody who swaps profiles with you.

Summoning a Friend : You can use Friend Summons from other people in a similar manner; in battle, choose “Summon Friend” and then “ Summon “. The game will then pull up a list of available Friend Summons from friends and guests. Select the one you want and your character will summon it during their turn.

After using a particular Friend Summon, you will be unable to use it again until you swap profiles with the same guest or your friend updates their Friend Summon.

Additionally, to allow you to use Friend Summons, the Update Data, Update StreetPass and Add Friends functions will be unlocked. All can be accessed from the Save menu, either by speaking to the Adventurer or by pressing the quill pen icon on the world map.

Update Data : This option can be used once per day and we recommend doing so. If your 3DS is connected to the Internet, the game will upload your profile (and Friend Summon) and retrieve profiles (and Friend Summons) from random guests and friends who have uploaded/updated their profile.

Update StreetPass : If this option is flashing, that means you’ve had a Bravely Second StreetPass encounter! Selecting this will retrieve profiles (and Friend Summons) from Bravely Second players you’ve met via StreetPass or StreetPass relays.

Add Friends : If you have friends registered on your 3DS using the 12-digit Friend Codes , the game will connect to the Internet to check if any of those friends own Bravely Second–if they do and they’ve uploaded/updated their profile, the game will add those profiles to your Bravely Second friends list.

Anyway, back to the mission on hand. With the way things have turned out, Yew is desperate to find out how Nikolai is doing. Hurry back to Gathelatio to the west and, once there, head up the nearby staircase and run all the way to the Sanctum. At the far end is Nikolai…

One Cavalier

Here’s a Command Set we made earlier…

Poor Yew’s day couldn’t get any worse, but even though he’s alone, he’s not giving up on rescuing Pope Agnes. As soon as you’re ready to set out again, leave the manor and exit Gathelatio. Before you do so, consider stocking up on Potions from the Trader by the exit.

When you return to the world map, the Auto-Battle feature will be unlocked.

Auto-Battle : As its name suggests, Auto-Battle allows your characters to perform actions without your input. To trigger Auto-Battle, press the Y button and then select “Repeat” or one of the three Command Sets. To cancel Auto-Battle, press the Y button again.

Obviously, “ Repeat “ repeats the previous actions you selected. Meanwhile, you can use Command Sets to save frequently used actions for quick use. To save actions, after selecting actions for each character, open the Auto-Battle menu with the Y button and go to a Command Set, then “ Save Commands “.

After this, you can execute the saved actions by selecting “ Execute “, copy them to another Command Set by selecting “ Copy “ or replace your currently selected actions with the saved actions by selecting “ Use Command Set “.

With only Yew under your command, Auto-Battle isn’t really recommended at this stage, except for single weak enemies that you can Brave three times to kill. In this case, you may want to save a Command Set where Yew Braves three times for four attacks.

Note : For your convenience, you can configure Auto-Battle settings from the world map too, by pressing the R button or tapping the right-most icon on the bottom screen. By default, Auto-Battle will be “Off,” but you can set it to “Repeat” or one of the three Command Sets. Handy for dealing with weak mobs.

With the lesson over, it’s time to move on. Head due east like before and re-enter the fateful Pilgrim’s Grove.

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