Time to Shine

Brrr… this frigid dungeon is your only way to safely reach Central Command without alerting the imperial soldiers guarding the mountain roads. Obviously expect a plethora of unfriendly monsters inside, tougher than ones you’ve met so far.

To give you an advantage during these pressing times, Magnolia offers her Strange Hourglass to the group with the most unimaginable of abilities…

To cancel Bravely Second, press START or SELECT again.

Bravely Second : During battle, when things are looking desperate or you desire more strength, press START or SELECT at any time and shout “Bravely Second!” (the last part isn’t mandatory). Time will freeze, allowing you to select and peform an action immediately, regardless of turn order.

In addition, all attacks executed during Bravely Second will inflict critical damage. However, power comes with a cost–in this case, Sleep Points (SP). Each action performed in Bravely Second will expend 1 SP and if that action also costs BP, the same amount of SP will be expended.

Sleep Points : For every 8 hours of gameplay (or while your 3DS is in Sleep Mode with Bravely Second running), you will gain 1 SP, up to a maximum of 3 SP. If you’re in a hurry, you can purchase SP Drinks that replenish 3 SP using real money; we don’t really recommend it though…

You can check how much SP you’ve currently got by looking at the bottom-right corner of the bottom screen during battles or by opening the menu with the X button while on the map. Just like BP, you can have negative SP, but you’ll be unable to use Bravely Second, so try to keep it at 0 or higher.


Enemy Tips : Ice Princesses use Sleep to send one character to sleep and Beauteous Blizzard to inflict water magic damage on one. Despite their name, they’re not weak to fire, but wind. Be Brave and finish them quick with four lots of physical attacks or multiple rounds of Spirit Magic.

The cute little Frosti is weak to fire, but be careful because they’re fast and like to put up Reflect, bouncing back your Spirit Magic. If you must, cast a Heat Dart or two to nail them before they have time to act. Otherwise, relentless physical attacks will work wonders.

Begin by following the path in a north-easterly direction, ignoring the path going south at the first junction (it leads to a dead end) and continuing in the same direction at the next junction. At the end is a chest with some Eye Drops .

Turn back to the second junction and head in an easterly direction. Again, avoid the path going down–at least for the time being–and pick up the Potion lying on the floor at the end. Now go back and take the path leading south; follow it as it goes round.

Eventually you’ll encounter another fork as the path dips in a “u” shape; head north first, where a chest with a Round Shield awaits. Then backtrack and follow the main path as it goes under the overpass you just crossed and loops to the south.

At the final junction, you’ll find an Antidote on the floor by heading south-east and the exit to the next area to the south-west.


Enemy Tips : Ice D’gons are vicious blighters that use Icy Breath to inflict water physical damage on your party. Plus they have high HP, which makes them fairly resilient. Fortunately, they’re weak to fire and a Wizard using Heat Dart can easily one-shot them.

After entering the West section, you’ll occasionally encounter Frostis in groups of threes. If you have the spare MP, fire off a Heat Dart or two and mop up the rest with an onslaught of physical attacks.

This is the second and last area of the Frozen Hollows and, again, nothing special like the first. However, the paths are long, so you don’t want to go the wrong way and waste too much time. Good thing we’re here to give you directions then!

First, follow the path around and south, under the two overpasses, stopping at the first junction. Head along the path leading south first, where you’ll find 300 pg glittering on the floor. Run back to the junction and continue onto the path leading east and around.

At the fork, head north-west onto the north-most overpass to collect a Remedy from the chest. Back at the fork, head south-west and cross the south-most overpass. At the next path split, ignore the path leading south-west (unless you like dead ends) and go north-west instead.

Very soon, the path will divide once more. This time, you can go south-west, where there’s a chest containing an Ether . Finally, head north and you’ll reach the end of the dungeon. The Adventurer is here, which can only mean one thing… Absolutely rest and save before attempting to leave!

If you haven’t already done so, now would be a good time to check up on your Fort-Lune progress. Assuming you rebuilt the Pharma-Lab, you’ll be able to buy Potions and the like from the Adventurer.

Boss: Bella and Cu Chulainn

Boss Level HP Weakness
Cu Chulainn 11 1500 Lightning
Bella 11 800 Nothing

Now this is starting to look like a real battle! Bella, you should know all too well; she’s fond of casting Wall, which counters physical attacks with magic. Meanwhile Cu uses Triple Wield or Trample to attack one character.

When you’re facing multiple bosses, it’s always good to have an aim. In this case, Bella is the biggest annoyance and also the weakest link with pitiful HP and physical defence. So ideally you want to cut her down first, but if she’s cast Wall on herself, focus on Cu instead.

Cu on the other hand has high HP and OK physical defence, but poor magic defence; he’s also weak to lightning. Thus Lightning or Lightning Dart would be a surefire way of dropping his HP fast.

Like before, patience is key; although your priority is to dish out punishment, you also want to keep your HP at safe levels using Potions you’ve bought or found. This is important as Bella can use Dart, which goes first and can fell a weakened ally before you heal them.

New Job : After trouncing the duo, you’ll receive the Charioteer asterisk from Cu. The… frankly bizarre-looking Charioteer specialises in physical attacks and can quickly master any weapon it wields.

With the Charioteer job at your disposal, you should pick at least one character to take on that job. Of the trio, Edea is the most physically aligned, but as we mentioned before, any character will do fine in any job.

Before you exit the cave to the west, speak to the fox next to the Adventurer.

Tent Events : Sometimes you’ll find the Adventurer’s fox companion inside dungeons, often next to the Adventurer after a difficult boss battle. When you speak to the fox, you can rest in Yew’s magical tent to recover HP and MP and trigger a special tent event.

However, like all good things, the fox won’t be around forever, so be sure to check in while you still remember.

On the other side, you’ll emerge on the world map right next to Eternian Central Command. As it happens, the imperial guards blocking the road have left their post, so you’re free to take the short route back to Eternia City to rest up and stock up on supplies.

As the party suggests, it would be a smart idea to buy some equipment for Tiz as well…

Special Moves can hit for big damage, heal, buff or enfeeble.

Special Moves : Getting headaches from a particularly tricky enemy or boss? Maybe it’s time for a Special Move… When a character fulfils certain trigger conditions in battle, the “Special Move” action will become available. From here, you can choose a Special Move to unleash.

The Special Move(s) available depends on the character’s equipped weapon and the reconstruction of Fort-Lune. After landing a Special Move, the music will change and your whole party will receive a buff for as long as the music plays. You can trigger Special Moves to keep the music going.

Customising Special Moves : To review and modify your Special Moves, press the X button on the map and choose the “Special” option, then a character. From this menu, you can set individual parts for the four types of Special Moves; parts are gotten by rebuilding Fort-Lune.

In addition, you can change the trigger condition for that character’s Special Move(s). Try to pick a condition that’s easy and natural to fulfil, so you can unleash Special Moves more often. Just bear in mind that changing the trigger condition will reset the trigger counter.

By the way, you can also change each character’s Special Move catchphrases from the same menu and even the names of your Special Moves from the menu before selecting a character.

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