Picnic at the Garden

It seems no place in Luxendarc is safe from our heroes’ conquest.

After the battle with the Grace family, our heroes receive a distress call from Kamiizumi. Apparently the Swordmaster has run into some trouble at Florem Gardens. As soon as you can, use a Teleport Stone to exit the Harena Sea Caves, back to the world map.

To cut down on travel time, board the Rubadub and use its Auto-Pilot capability to travel to Old Sagitta. From there, fly a little ways south until you reach the flowery-pattern ground past the mountains and the inlet. Land here, then travel west to find a cave you haven’t visited yet.

Note : Bravely veterans should know that Florem Gardens is chock-full of flowers that induce silence when you walk over them. Definitely equip the Freelancer’s Dungeon Master ability to prevent this effect. If you somehow don’t have the ability, it should take a few minutes to learn.

Additionally, it would help a lot if you have a Level 7 of higher Astrologian with the Spellcraft support ability so you can use Elemental Mirror Blast for the boss battle ahead. You may also wish to stock up on the ghost-curing Magic Battles from the Traders.

Florem Gardens - South

Enemy Tips : The deadly Maneaters use Nutrition to send one character Out of Battle. OOB is worse than a KO since you can’t bring a character back, so waste no time incinerating them. Meanwhile, Paradise Applings use Forbidden Fruit to inflict Love on one.

Characters in Love copy the actions and HP recovery or loss of the character they fancy (as indicated by the thought bubble). But if two (or more) characters fancy the same character, instead of copying that character’s actions, they will use Love Rivals to attack each other.

Dryads use Sweet Scent to charm one and Moan to drop the party’s physical defence, while Rafflesia seem to do absolutely nothing of note. Finally, Morrigans cast Dark magic on the party or use Love at First Sight to charm the party. Give everyone Lockets and retaliate with fire or wind.

So far, we’ve visited pretty much every single dungeon from Bravely Default, but some of you may have noticed a few that were absent. Naturally, they’ve been saving a couple for these last few chapters! In any case, this dungeon has a particuarly nasty trick if you’re unprepared.

Dotted around the floor of the dungeon are flowers of various colours–most of them harmless and simply for decoration. But should you walk on the purple flowers unprotected, your party will become inflicted with the silence condition (even if you have silence immunity).

Needless to say, this is a job for the Dungeon Master ability, so pop it on a character and continue on your merry way. From the entrance, go north straight through the purple patch of flowers ahead. Pick up the Zeste along the way, then carry on north.

When you reach the end, where the the purple flowers are, head west. Next, follow the path south just before the next bunch of purple flowers. Towards the south, open the chest in the south-west corner for an Earth Mallet , then cross over the purple flowers to the right for a chest with a Turbo Ether .

Afterwards, make your way north to exit the area.


Start by following the narrow path north until the area opens up towards the centre. Carry on north to find a chest containing a Demon’s Staff . on the other side of some purple flowers. Next, head east and follow the next northward path for a shimmering slice of Fraise .

From there, follow the opposite, southward path for a slice of Cannelle . Hmm, who’s been leaving all of these cake slices everywhere? With that thought in mind, return to the central open path and make your way west. When you reach the lakeside, head south to return to the South area.

Flip open the chest beyond for a pair of immaculately-crafted Dwarven Gloves . Back in the Central area, follow the lakeside path north. Just before the exit, turn right to recover a slice of Vanille from the far end. How deeply suspicious…


Chomper Alert : Sometimes, you may encounter pink Chompettes. This lil’ critters use Endure to increase their physical and magical defences and Run Away to instantly flee the scene. They have incredible innate defences, so use attacks that pierce defences like Harpoon.

Hopefully that didn’t take long. In this final area, begin by going west through the purple flowers. In the south-west corner, there’s a chest containing a pair of beast-smiting Bastet Claws . After that promising find, go back to before crossing the flowers and proceed north.

At the junction, carry on north to retrieve another cake slice from the floor… hang on, that’s no cake–it’s a Muramasa ! Just what has been happening here? With no time to ponder, travel in an easterly direction from the previous junction.

As you reach the south-east corner, trample over the purple flowers to recover a shiny Life Rope . This new accessory negates the ghost effect–give this a key physical attacker ASAP. Finally, continue north to meet up with the Adventurer and plan your upcoming boss battle.

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Two years after the Heroes of Light calmed the Four Crystals, Luxendarc is at peace. Agnes Oblige is now Pope of the Crystal Orthodoxy, working with the Duchy of Eternia to maintain peace and prosperity in the land.

But there are those who do not wish for peace. The Glanz Empire and its leader Kaiser Oblivion kidnap Pope Agnes despite the efforts of her protector Yew Geneolgia and set out to conquer Eternia. Yew survived the attack and wakes up a week later, determined to rescue his beloved Pope Agnes and stop the advancing Empire once and for all. And so your journey begins…

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