First Port of Call

To get started, head back to the bathhouse on the east side of Yunohana; inside, speak to the ever-friendly Sakura by the counter on the middle floor. While Sakura would love to help, she’s but a humble bathhouse-owner and so she refers the group to Yunohana’s ruler, Lord Arima.

Return outside to the town plaza and go up the stairway by the centre to reach Arima’s castle. Before offering your greetings, run towards the south-west corner and search around to uncover a Spider’s Web . Looks like somebody hasn’t been cleaning properly…

Important : Before speaking to Arima, make sure at least one of Magnolia, Edea and Tiz is in a magic-based job. During the ensuing banquet, you must pick one of the three characters to dine first–and the character you choose will enter Ghost state, rendering them unable to perform physical actions.

Speaking to Arima will trigger a boss battle with another of the Glanz Empire’s minions, so prepare yourself. In particular, make sure you’re aware of the “little surprise” that we mentioned in the bright orange box above.

Boss: Angelo Nonpareil

Boss Level HP Weakness
Angelo 37 25000 Nothing
Imperial Katana Van 37 5550 Lightning
Imperial Medic Van 33 2145 Nothing
Cripes! The character that you picked will become a Ghost. In this state, they cannot use physical attacks or items--as such, you'll want this character to be a magic-user or they'll literally be dead weight. On the plus side, ghosts can't take damage and won't die, so use that to your advantage.

Angelo starts by using Sponge Cake to drop a character’s physical defence. On occasions, he may use Charm Cheesecake to charm one. To counteract Sponge Cake, you can cast Physical Ward Mist; to prevent charm, give your three non-ghost characters Lockets from Hartschild’s armoury.

As for Angelo’s fangirls… the Medic uses Vigor Tonic to increase her boss’s BP by 1, while the Katana uses Decapitate to instantly KO everyone with critical HP and Thorny Rose to counter physical hits. Even if you defeat Angelo’s fangirls, after a while he will summon another pair.

To avoid wasting your BP, consider getting rid of the Medic and leaving the Katana alive–Angelo won’t bother summoning reinforcements so long as one of them is standing. From here, keep healing your party so Decapitate doesn’t get the better of you.

Once you’ve figured out how to work around the ghost state, charm and Angelo’s steady reinforcements, this battle is mostly plain sailing. Angelo has high HP, but middlesome defences, so it won’t be too long before he gets his just desserts.

New Job : After Angelo has thrown his last cake, you’ll receive his Patissier asterisk. To think there would be a day when a baker fights on the battlefield… In any case, the Patissier is good at weakening foes and inflicting status ailments, as you’ve witnessed yourself.

Like the Catmancer, you need to acquire confectionary ingredients to make use of the Patissier’s abilities. In a similar manner, you can find these in various locations, by using the Patissier’s Harvest ability or from the Adventurer’s shop after upgrading Fort-Lune.

A Just Reward

Having survived a banquet like no other, exit Arima’s castle and return to the Bathhouse to soak away your sores. As usual, your party leader must be Tiz or Yew before you can enter the men’s bathhouse. While our heroes are enjoying themselves, something happens that will change things forever.

Once the party has regrouped, head upstairs and inspect the folding screen at the far end to reveal what’s behind it. Finally, give the area beyond a thorough inspection. Surprise! The ship you were searching for was right in front of you all this time!

A ship that’s also a hot spring? Aren’t our heroes lucky?

The Rubadub : Goodbye, old rowboat; with the Rubadub, you can now sail the vast open seas! Like before, you can disembark by pressing the A button next to any port or sandy shore.

In addition, you can access the Rubadub menu by tapping the left-most icon on the bottom screen or pressing Right on the D-pad, then select the ship icon. From here, you can enter the ship to use its hot springs or rest on the lion mat on the ground floor.

If you’re sailing on shallow seas, you can also use the Rubadub menu to switch back to the rowboat, which is useful for navigating between narrow spaces that the Rubadub can’t reach.

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